Zigui is somehow unknown to many people, however, when we mention Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet in ancient China, those who are interested in Chinese culture may know the person well. The connection between the two is that Zigui is the hometown of Qu Yuan. Located in the west of central China’s Hubei Province, and on the bank of Xiling Gorge of Yangtze River, Zigui County is also the hometown of Wang Zhaojun, a famous beauty in ancient Chinese history. It is one of the cradles of the Chu culture in China, a place with long history and rich cultural heritage.

The most well-known historic and cultural site in Zigui is Le Pingli, which is situated on the bank of the legendary Xiangxi (Fragrant Stream). There are many historical remains and ruins concerning Qu Yuan preserved in Le Pingli, including Qu Yuan’s Residence, Memorial Temple of Qu Yuan, Studying Cave, and Mirror-like Well, etc. Moreover, different from other regions in China there are three Dragon Boat Festivals in Zigui, which are respectively celebrated on the fifth, fifteenth and twenty-fifth day of May by lunar calendar. During these twenty days people are occupied with many activities such as making rice dumplings, holding dragon boat races, hanging mugworts and calami over the doors, drinking realgar wine, etc.

Mountains and rivers in Zigui are quite beautiful. The magnificent Xiling Gorge, Military Manual & Precious Sword Gorge, Kongling Gorge, as well as the clear Fragrant Stream in picturesque Zigui are very famous. In addition, the sea of bamboos in Si Xi, exciting driftage in Jiuwan Stream, the Taoist Five-finger Mountain and the mysterious ancient hanging coffins on cliffs attract numerous tourists from both the home and abroad.

Human landscape contrasting finely with the natural scenery, Zigui is place really worth a visit during a Yangtze River cruise.