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Tibet, just hearing this name makes our soul change, makes our spirit travel to another world of azure sky, temples, orange-clad monks and serene nomads. Tibet, also known with the names of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) or Xizang Autonomous Region is a province-level autonomous region of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Located in Northwest China, Tibet constitutes the second-largest province-level division of the country and one-eighth of the whole area. Its capital is Lhasa, meaning “holy land” in Tibetan. Often referred to as “the rooftop of the world” or “the third pole of the globe”, Tibet is a marvel for pilgrims to look for large-scale sceneries and Buddhist spirituality. Home to the Dalai Lama, Tibet fills the curiosity of people in need of rest and rel...

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11 Days China Golden Triangle Tour with Lhasa

11 Days | Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai, Tibet, Xi'an

This Tibet tour visits some of the most popular places in China. You will begin in Beijing, China’s capital for more than 500 years, where you will see such sites as The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, and the main stadiums for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. You will then travel to L...

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12 Days of Ancient China & Tibet Discovery Tour

12 Days | Beijing, Lhasa, Shigatse, Tibet, Xi'an

A true dream destination, Tibet is an incredible destination and one filled with surprises. Discover these surprises for yourself in this China group tour. Tibet has a culture truly unique and it is this culture that has transformed Tibet into such a spectacular place. The unforg...

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9 Days Luxury Exploration Tour

9 Days | Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai, Tibet

This luxury Tibet tour highlights the history, art, culture, and people of China. It is a truly wonderful way to see this ancient country. You will visit Beijing, China’s capital for over 500 years, and home to some of the most famous sites on Earth. You will then visit Lhasa, h...

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11 Days Magic Landscapes and Tibet Mystique Tour

11 Days | Guilin, Hong Kong, Lhasa, Shanghai, Tibet, Xi'an, Yangshuo

This tour is truly grand! It features all of the best China has to offer, from incredible natural beauty, to its colorful cultures and traditions. This is the tour of a lifetime. You will explore the Imperial history of Beijing, the ancient past of Xian, capital to over 10 Chines...

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15 Days Fantastic China & Tibet Discovery Tour

15 Days | Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai, Tibet, Xi'an

Each day is packed full of history in this very special train tour. You will see the Imperial grandeur of Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Buddhist Temples and monasteries of Tibet, and the metropolis of Shanghai. Each part of this China train tour is really special....

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14 Days China Impression Tour with Lhasa

14 Days | Beijing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Lhasa, Tibet, Xi'an, Yangshuo

This tour of China showcases some of the best that can be found in China. You will visit Beijing, China’s capital, and see the incredible sites with are famous throughout the world. You will then visit Lhasa, and witness what makes this mysterious place so special. After Lhasa, y...

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