Tibet Cuisine

As a nationality live for a long time in high mountain areas, Tibetans has their own distinguishing dietary habits and featured flavors. The flavor of Tibet food stresses light and mild. Apart from salt, green onion and garlic, there is no other spicy and acrid seasoning used in Tibet dishes.

The representative Tibet food are beef, yak meat, zanba (roasted qingke barley flour), Tibetan buttered tea, barley wine, kinds of milky cakes, Tibetan buns, sweetened tea, yoghourt, air dried beef, baked mutton intestine, and so on. Milky tea, fernbrake rice, steamed buns stuffed with meat soup, mutton taking with hands, hodgepodge, and yoghourt are the 6 traditional dishes served in a table for honorable guests in Tibet.

In the pasturing area in Tibet, the main food of Tibetans are zanba and cooked wheaten food, and other foosd are divided into two kinds, "red food" and "white food". "Red food" refers to meat, and “white food” is dairy food. In general, people eat "white food" in summer and eat "red food" in winter.