6 Best Places Not To Miss in China for First Half of 2012

Made up of 56 ethnic groups, China is a country with an area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometers, on which there are not only various ethnic customs and cultures but also rich historic and natural landscapes. All of these create the abundant tourist resources of China and appeal to travelers from all over the world in all seasons.

For many foreign travelers, Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Hong Kong are undoubtedly the preferred Chinese tourist cities due to their modern cityscapes, convenient traffic and more comfortable accommodation.

However, if you have been tired of bustling crowds and crowded skyscrapers, why not diverting you attention from these metropolises and consider the six best not-to-miss places we select for your China tours in the first half of 2012?

Best of China Tours

11 Days China Golden Triangle Tour with Lhasa

Destination: Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai, Tibet, Xi'an

Touroverview: This Tibet tour visits some of the most popular places in China. You will begin in Beijing, China’s capital for more than 500 years, where you will se...

15 Days Silk Road Legend Tour

Destination: Beijing, Dunhuang, Kashgar, Shanghai, Turpan, Urumqi, Xi'an

Touroverview: Being the most important trading route for centuries,Silk Road had witnessed the product and culture exchanges between China and the west. The murals ...

12 Days Photo Tour to Dreamlike and Colorful Yunnan

Destination: Dali, Diqing(Shangri-La), Kunming, Lijiang

Touroverview: Praised as a dreamy and beautiful place, Yunnan Province of China has been described as the "heaven south of the clouds". City of Eternal Spring-Kunmi...


A famous Chinese saying goes it that "Landscapes in Guilin is second to none under the heaven". Indeed, the picturesque Li River, the peculiar karst peaks and caves, and the Chinese painting-like rural landscapes have been well-known as Guilin's labels. Many travelers know the above but they may not realize that Li River in mist in every March or April always makes Guilin a legendary wonderland. More

Tibet, hailed as "roof of the world", is commonly seen as the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism. In this place prevented from too much outside disturbing, you can easily find breathtaking highland landscapes as well as devout believers who worship Buddhas by lying on their stomach on the ground and kowtowing every three steps, no matter how far they come from.More

There is no a second province like Yunnan in China that 54 of the total 56 Chinese ethnic groups live together. Of course, there is no lack of wonderful natural scenery and ancient relics in this fairyland-like place. Endowed with the best highlights of the province, Kunming, Dali, Diqing (Shangri-La), Lijiang and Xishuangbanna can definitely feast you with their diverse beauties. More

As the longest river in China and one of cradles of Chinese culture, Yangtze River is historically, culturally, and economically important to China, which winds through some of the country's most amazing areas with numerous stunning natural wonders, the spectacular Three Gorges, famed historical places of interests, uncountable animal species and appealing legends and stories.More

An ancient commercial and cultural route opened some 2000 years ago, which linked China with other Asian countries as well as some European ones through provinces of Shanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, and Xinjiang, the everlasting glamour of the ancient Silk Road is embodied by fantastic natural sceneries, masses of historic sites and relics, colorful local conditions and customs, and the unique Yellow River sceneries.More

Sichuan Province, a home to Chinese panda and a celebrated region with a history over 4000 years, offers plentiful gorgeous natural landscapes, abundant natural resources, celebrated world heritage sites, and splendid religious culture and ethnic cultures. The absorbing Giant Panda Base, sacred Mount Emei, incredible Leshan Giant Buddha, and amazing Jiuzhaigou Valley are all worth a visit.More