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Kashgar in brief Kashgar or rather Kashi in Uyghur, is a city located at the west border of China and southwest part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Considered as the end of China's west frontier, the city is bordering the countries of Kyrgyzstan to the north and Uzbekistan to the west. Situated in a mountainous region, Kashgar is surrounded by many mountains of high renown all over the world especially for its hike features: Tianshan Mountains in the north, Kala Kunlun Mountain and Kunlun Mountain in the south, Pamir Plateau to the west and finally Taklimakan Desert to the east. Kashgar is definitely a place where the humid Yunnan climate will feel like a dream! This city of far west China enjoys a hard desert climate punctuated by hot summers and cold winters starting at -10C (14F) to 32C (89.6F), and is also home to a large Muslim community where Chinese Han represent just a few people. Still, lush vegetations and cultures can be found in the surrounding valleys, astonishing scenery for this part of the country surrounded at the same time by desert. The city of Kashgar is from another world: looking dramatically different from the rest of Xinjiang, Kashgar is just a plac...More information about Kashgar »

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