Yangtze River tour

Eulogized as a most graceful landscape gallery, the Yangtze River enjoys some of the most charming natural beauties especially in spring with verdant mountains and blooming flowers.

A mother river in South China, along the Yangtze River is numerous celebrated historical sites relevant to crucial historic events and eminent persons.

The highlights of Yangtze Cruise are the amazing landscapes of the Three Gorges and the grandiose Three Gorges Dam.

In spring, favorable prices and comfortable ships offer a over-value trip which avoid the large crowd compare with that in high season.

The Yangtze River, or Chang Jiang, is about 6,380 km long and flows from its source in Qinghai Province, eastwards into the East China Sea at Shanghai. It is the longest river in China and Asia, and the third-longest in the world. Besides its economic and agricultural importance in history and modern time, the Yangtze Harbor is important to the cultural origins of southern China. Winding South from the high country, the river passes through the world-renown Three Gorges which tower above it, and besides its natural wonders the Yangtze River has an almost uncountable number of animal species frequent its shores. There is a common Chinese saying which states: If you have not traveled up the mighty Yangtze River, then you have not been anywhere.Read more>>

Recommended Yangtze River Tours

16 Days Yangtze Historical and Picturesque Tour

Tour Code:YCT04

Destination: Beijing, Chongqing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi'an, Yangshuo, Yichang

Tour overview: This China tour offers some really special surprises along with some of China’s most well-known sites. Along with your cruise, you will visit three of China’s most vibrant cities, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, each well known for its vibrant pulse, and historical sites. You will also visit Guilin and Yangshuo, home to some of China’s most breathtaking scenery. You will also visit Chongqing, famous for its fiery cuisine. This incredible tour will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

15 Days Natural Wonders Tour

Tour Code:YCT05

Destination: Chongqing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Kunming, Lijiang, Shanghai, Yangshuo, Yichang

Tour overview: Focusing on some of the most beautiful natural sites on Earth, this tour will take you to places that will take your breath away. You will visit sites such as the Tiger Leaping Gorge, The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, The Stone Forest, the scenery of Guilin and Yangshuo, The Longsheng Rice Terraces, and The Reed Flute Cave. You will also witness some of the colorful traditions of some of China’s Ethnic Minority Groups in their ancient villages and towns. This tour is truly special.