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Here we share all sorts of China travel news. We offer news on sites, Chinese culture, Chinese history, restaurants, and so much more. We hope that you find this interesting, and if you are planning a China tour, that it helps with your plans. If you have any questions on the information you find in our China news, or on China travel, please feel free to contact us. Our team will do everything in its power to assist you.

Experience Finnish life at Expo2010-05-31

Thursday last week (May 27) marks the National Pavilion Day of Finland at the Shanghai World Expo. Let's see how the "Giant Kettle" seduces you with its quiet sophistication. The Finnish Pavi...

Top Seven Modern Bars in Tibet, China2010-05-31

Top Seven Modern Bars in Tibet, China Ajiami If you came to Lhasa, you must visit the Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple as well as the Ajiami Bar. Ganglameiduo The bars in Lhasa have some similariti...

Antaeus Group To Build Hotel In Lijiang2010-05-31

It is reported that the Antaeus Group has bought more than 600 mu of land in Lijiang,Yunnan Province of China,to develop a resort hotel. The land is in Shuhe Town, Lijiang, at the foot of Jade Dragon...

Excursions to water towns highlighted in Expo tours2010-05-28

Excursions to water towns highlighted in Expo tours Zhouzhuang, about 80 miles (or 128 kms) from the Shanghai Expo site ...

Pingyao Ancient City Tour: banking on a tortoise2010-05-28

Pingyao Ancient City Tour: banking on a tortoise Visiting the Pingyao Ancient Walled City is a relaxing journey into the past of China. After getting punched in the face by a foiled pickpocket and charged half the hotel's daily rate for checking o...

The 10th Global Travel and Tourism Summit Opens in Beijing2010-05-27

The 10th Global Travel and Tourism Summit Opens in Beijing The 10th Global Travel and Tourism Summit opened in Beijing on Tuesday with the theme "World's Leading Industry - Reaching New Frontiers." It's the first time China has hosted the summit, which is ...

Sichuan Tourism Administration To Implement Five Tourism Initiatives2010-05-27

Sichuan's tourism administration has held a press briefing to announce that the province will implement five new tourism initiatives to enhance the sustainability of tourism in earthquake-stricken are...

Pudong Tourism Center Goes Operational2010-05-27

Shanghai Pudong Tourism Center has been put into operation aftertwo years of preparation. The center has integrated tourism service resources with a one-stop service to function as a "travel ...

The Only Universally Acknowledged 7-star Hotel To Be Built In Hainan with 2.8 bln yuan2010-05-26

The onlyuniversally acknowledged7-star hotel is expected to start construction in 2012 on southern China's Hainan Island with an estimated 2.8 billion yuan (408 million U.S. dollars) to be invested in...

China to Implement Regulations on Tourist Complaints2010-05-26

The China National Tourism Administration has announced on its official website that the Regulations on Tourist Complaints Handling will be put in force from July 1, 2010. According to the document, ...

Samantha Resort & Spa Has Opened in Zhangjiajie, Hunan of China2010-05-25

The five-star-standard Samantha Resort and Spa, a luxury landscape resort has opened in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province. The resort is a joint investment of the Hunan Provincial Giant Salamander Rescue C...

Raising a Toast to Qingdao, China2010-05-25

It's not that I wasn't attracted by the prospect of another boozy weekend in Beijing, just that my time in China was limited to a fortnight, and I felt the urge to explore a little further afield. Enl...

Tai Miao of China: a representation of the past2010-05-25

A former imperial temple and sacred place of ceremony, Tai Miao has changed a lot over the years. Few of the Buddhist monks who once worshipped there could have predicted how the historic site would o...

Dolton Grand Source Hotel Opens In Changsha2010-05-25

Dolton Grand Source Hotel, a four-star international boutique hotel,has opened its doors for business in southern Changsha, Hunan Province of China. The hotel is part of a large scale comprehensive ...

Jinshan Huafu Haijing Residential Area Beckons with Luxury Living2010-05-24

Jinshan Huafu Haijing Residential Area Beckons with Luxury Living A new luxury residential area in Jinshan of Shanghai with views of Hangzhou Bay is attracting people from downtown Shanghai and elsewhere with its beautiful scenery, modern facilities and co...

Foodie Field Trip at Shanghai 2010 World Expo2010-05-24

The Expo Park is a place where you can indulge all your senses. You can both listen to the enchanting music of five continents and four oceans, and see beautiful scenes of art and culture from ever...

Water Town Explorations Highlight Expo Tour2010-05-24

Water Town Explorations Highlight Expo Tour Expo fever is on the rise in today's travel market, but for many visitors who have come a long way to Shanghai, one tour with the Expo Garden doesn't seem enough for all the effort. So, they seek n...

Chinese Cities To Build Yellow River Tour Brand2010-05-24

The mayors and tourism administration directors of Yuncheng and Linfen in Shanxi; Xi'an and Weinan in Shaanxi; and Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang and Sanmenxia in Henan have signed a declaration to annou...

Most Important Festival In Tibetan Calendar Begins2010-05-21

Norsang, aTibetan,crawled on the ground and prostrated herself as she moved through the crowds on the Potala Palace square in Lhasa. With two spiral sea shells, or conches, in hand, Norsang had made ...

InterContinental Shanghai Expo Has Been Opened2010-05-21

The 400-room InterContinental Shanghai Expo, which is located adjacent to the 2010 World Expo site, had its grand opening recently . At the opening ceremony Michel Koopman, the general manage...

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