Experience Finnish life at Expo

created: 2010-05-31

Thursday last week (May 27) marks the National Pavilion Day of Finland at the Shanghai World Expo. Let's see how the "Giant Kettle" seduces you with its quiet sophistication.

The Finnish Pavilion combines creativity, high technology and culture -- a unity that makes for high quality life.

The sculptural architecture of the pavilion is aimed at creating visions of such themes as freedom, creativity, and innovation. The pavilion emerges like an island from the surface of the water. A bridge leads visitors over the water and into the pavilion.

At the heart of the pavilion is the miniature city's center and forum for events, the "Giant Kettle" where ideas can meet and mix.

The exhibits show the best of Finnish design. The pavilion's main purpose is to present a vision of "Good Life". They represent the freedom and creativity enabled by technology.

A comfortable and inspiring miniature city, the pavilion also provides an example of a healthy environment. People, nature, and technology come together here.

The best of Finnish art has also been brought to Shanghai with a bit of dance. The leading Finnish contemporary dance ensemble, Tero Saarinen Company, performed Wednesday night. The troupe's award-winning program "Stravinsky Evening" included the choreographic works of "Hunt" and "Petrushka".

"Petrushka" is an eternally moving love triangle accompanied by exquisite music. Saarinen's interpretation of the classic concentrates solely on the three principals: Petrushka, the Ballerina, and the Moor. In his choreography, Saarinen explores the inner joy and carnival spirit that the doll figures feel when they finally break free of the grip of their manipulator, to live an independent life replete with human feelings and freedom.


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