Visit Shanghai World Expo at Night for a Better World Expo Experience

created: 2010-06-01


The photo taken on May 2, 2010 shows the 'One Axis and Four Pavilion' area in 2010 World Expo Site in Shanghai, China. [Xinhua Photo]

                                               The "One Axis and Four Pavilion" area in 2010 World Expo Site in Shanghai, China.

Try touring the Shanghai World Expo Site at night if you are tired of the endless queues, blazing sun and crowds of people during the daytime. Nighttime tickets for the Shanghai World Expo are already available, and tourists can enjoy a completely different view when at night.

First, nighttime tickets are much cheaper and tourists can avoid peak hours. A daytime ticket costs 160 yuan, while a nighttime ticket only costs 90 yuan.

Second, nighttime tickets save tourists a significant amount of time spent in queues so they can visit more pavilions. On the whole, although going at night allows only half the time during the day, tourists spend less time in queues and can visit roughly as many pavilions as in the daytime.

Third, the lights are all on at night, giving tourists a wonderful night view of bright lights that they cannot possibly see in the daytime. Dressed with all kind of colored lights, the Expo Site looks brilliant and charming at night.

Fourth, the Expo is more pleasing and comfortable at night because pavilions provide more and better interactive activities at night. There are performances at the Expo Cultural Centre every night, and concerts performed by world-famous singers on weekends.

Fifth, services are still excellent at night. Tourists can glut themselves with delicacies at a food plaza which is ablaze with lights even past 10 p.m. In addition, the plaza is much less crowded and busy at night than during day.


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