Chinese Cities To Build Yellow River Tour Brand

created: 2010-05-24

The mayors and tourism administration directors of Yuncheng and Linfen in Shanxi; Xi'an and Weinan in Shaanxi; and Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang and Sanmenxia in Henan have signed a declaration to announce the establishment of the "Yellow River Tour" Tourism Alliance.

The alliance will set up an annual meeting system to conduct thematic studies on marketing, industrial management, and regional tourism cooperation.

To build the Yellow River Tour brand, the eight cities will integrate their tourism resources, coordinate regional tourism product development and improve the market competitiveness of tourism products. In recommending boutique tourist routes, they will combine their quality tourism resources together to promote "historical and cultural tours" and "ecological tours" to the domestic and foreign markets.

In establishing a regional tourism information database, the alliance will attract investment through the Internet and large-scale events, providing authoritative information to investors developing regional tourism projects. In addition, the alliance encourages member cities to launch mutual visit tourism programs, including incentive travel, wellness tours, study tours, and leisure travel.

In addition, the eight cities will issue a Yellow River Tour through ticket that will offer convenience and preferential treatment to holders.


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