Top Seven Modern Bars in Tibet, China

created: 2010-05-31


If you came to Lhasa, you must visit the Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple as well as the Ajiami Bar.


The bars in Lhasa have some similarities with those in Beijing such as gorgeous women, nice dishes and wines. However, there is one difference in that they teem with "Lhasa mood." If you have ever been to Ganglameiduo Bar, you would feel that.


The Rice with Curry Beef, Tibetan food as well as the barley liquor Travelers Bar are worth having a try.


The bar is located in the Middle Beijing Road several meters far from the Banak Shol. The bosses of the bar are two Tibet fans. The love Tibet so much that they decided to stay here and open Backpackers Bar for those backpackers.


Every foreigner who has come to Lhasa would know Dunya. Maybe the reason is the name means "the whole world". The owner Fred and his friend Chris have really traveled around the world. Finally, they chose to stop in Lhasa and opened this bar which belongs to the world.


Aifangzi (low house)

If you are a music lover, you cannot miss this bar. The boss has collected hundreds of albums about Indian, Nepali and Tibetan music. You can enjoy the wine while listening to the music.


Damp Bridge

The wooden door curtain inscribed with Tsangyang Gyatso's poem will welcome you to the Damp Bridge Bar.

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