Pudong Tourism Center Goes Operational

created: 2010-05-27

Shanghai Pudong Tourism Center has been put into operation after two years of preparation.

The center has integrated tourism service resources with a one-stop service to function as a "travel supermarket".

The Pudong Tourism Center is the nearest tourism service location to Shanghai World Expo, being just 500 meters away as the crow flies. It has a floor area of 5,000 square meters and offers five major services: travel consultancy, travel agency services, tourist distribution, tourism resources display, and a mobile platform.

Currently the center has attracted about 20 well-known travel agencies. The aim is for it to become a key location for tourism information such as tourism routes and prices in Shanghai.

The Tourist Distribution Center on the second floor is the first of its kind in Pudong. It already has several recommended Expo routes and will develop tourist reception business for Yangtze River Delta travel. The display center has adopted several digital means to show Pudong's tourism resources to tourists. The mobile platform will help realize the directional, real-time, personalized tourism information dissemination and query, by means of text messages and video images.


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