Kashgar Weather

Kashga, located in the abdomen of Central Asia, enjoys warm temperature zone continental dry climate with four distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight, great difference between the day and the night, and little precipitation. In summer, the sun scorches the earth with its heat, but hot days never last long. In winter, though people will not feel chill, days with low temperature are long. Spring and summer often see wind, sandstorm and floating dust. Due to its complex topography, climates of Kashga can be divided into five types. The north and middle kashga falls into plain climate with annual temperature 11.4℃to11.7℃ on average. The south Kashga, east Markit and northeast Karghalik   fall into desert climate with freezing winter and sweltering summer. The middle Karghalik, however has a long winter and a short summer with the annual temperature 11℃ on average; sometimes torrential rain hits the area in summer. Tashkurghan falls into Pamirs climate with annual temperature 5℃ on average. The north Tashkurghan and north Karghalik falls into Kunlun Mountain climate with capricious weather and snow-cladded mountain peaks.

The best time to visit the city is from August to October each year when the weather is mild and fruits are mellowing. In addition, two of the most important festival are observed, that is Lesser Bairam at the end of September of Muslim calendar and Corban on 10th, December of Muslim December.