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China is composed of 56 different Ethnic Groups. The culture, music, cuisine, and clothing of each group are completely unique, making them incredibly interesting to visit. In these Ethnic Minority Tours, you will witness them first-hand and see what makes each one so special. As with all of our China tours, each Ethnic Minority tour is completely customizable to meet your every requirement and all inquiries and customization is completely free.

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7 Days Yuanyang Terrace Fields Tour

7 Days | Kunming

Join this tour,appriciate the perfect combination of mountains and rivers of Yunnan and read thenon-literal hugebook presenting the long history that Hani people struggled against nature and grew-Hani Terraced Fields. You'll be deeply attracted by this wonderful land.

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4 Days Water Splashing Festival Tour

4 Days | Xishuangbanna

Haven't spent New Year Festival in China? Try spending the Water Splashing Festival-the New Year of Dai Ethnic Group in the legendary Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province. Beautiful Dai girls and exotic tropical sceneries here will tell you the story about Xishuangbanna-the ideal and...

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4 Days Inner Mongolia Nadam Festival Tour

4 Days | Hohhot

Featured food, beautiful grassland, unique Buddhist temples and wonderful Nadam Festival are perfectly combined in this tour. We invite you to join us and know of the passionate, hospitable and brave Mongolian people!

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5 Days Ethnic Minorities Hiking & Festival Experience Tour

5 Days | Guiyang

This hiking tour will provide you a chance to visit the minority attractions and festivals of Guizhou"down to the earth". The interesting Sister's Meal Festival will surely give you an astonishing experience!

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5 Days Miao and Shui Minority Culture Tour

5 Days | Guiyang, Kaili

Visit villages and architectures with strong ethnic flavor, get closed to Miao, Yao and Shui Minority of Guizhou and find the lost Shuizhai (water village) culture in Libo. This tour is worth your visiting!

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5 Days Minority Culture Tour in Guizhou

5 Days | Guiyang, Kaili, Sanjiang

In this special festival tour, you will see the local villages, the unique hanging building(Diaojiao lou),unconventional other architectures in our local places. Enjoying the local dancing and singing song will make you feel at home.

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5 Days Miao Minority Tour

5 Days | Guiyang, Kaili

Miao Minority people, main minority in Guizhou province, in this tour, you will feel the hospitality of Miao people and see the landscape and culture and enjoy their festival with us.

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3 Days Guiyang Essential Tour

3 Days | Guiyang

What we have in Guizhou province? Waterfall, ancient village, parks,,,in this short 3 days, you will see the most popular highlights in Guizhou province,if you only want to spend less than a week to see this province,it is perfectly you.

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