15 Days Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

Tour Code: VOC-20100908-C

Destination: Aksu, Hotan, Kashgar, Korla, Kucha, Minfeng, Turpan, Urumqi

Tour Starting Date: Wednesday, 08, September, 2010

Group Numbers: 3

Client's Information:
Alan Robinson, Australia

Day by Day Itinerary


Hongshan Park,Urumqi Tours,Xinjiang Tours,China ToursDay 1  Wednesday 8-September-10   Meal(s) (L)   Urumqi Arrival

Transfer via: by air-own arrangement 
Program: Arrive in Urumqi, be met and transferred to hotel, then visit The Hongshan Park.

-Hongshan Park is a pleasant park for visitors to take energetic walks and go rowing. There are also some attractive pagodas and pavilions. The park got its name because of the red mountain in it.

Accommodations: Yazhong Hotel***

Day 2  Thursday 9-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Urumqi

Program: Full day tour for Heavenly Lake, the Kazak yurt, the Xinjiang Museum

-Heavenly Lake: a relic of the Quaternary Period Glacier and its surrounding geological relics, offers science lovers exploring opportunities.
-Xinjiang Museum: Have several dozen original Tang-dynasty paintings. The museum is also famous for its rich excellent collection along the Silk Road.

Accommodations: Yazhong Hotel***

Day 3  Friday 10-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Urumqi to Turpan

Grape Valley,Turpan Tours,Urumqi Tours,Xinjiang ToursTransfer via: by private vehicle 
Program: After breakfast, drive to Turpan, City tour to Ancient City of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto), Karez Well System, Grape Valley.

-Jiaohe City: It was the capital of the Outer Chshi Kingdom. During the first century, Jiaohe came under the rule of the Han Dynasty. It was of great military significance and played a important role in the economic development of Western and Easternic.
-Karez Well: Karez Well system is the pride of Turpan. It along with the Great Wall and Grand Beijing-Hangzhou Canal is regarded as the three most important achievements of ancient time.
-Grape Valley: It is filled with trellised walkways, that in the peak season of July to August, are covered with bunches of grapes.

Accommodations: Turpan Hotel***

Day 4  Saturday 11-September-10    Meal(s) (B, L)    Turpan

Bezeklik Caves,Turpan Tour,Xinjiang Tours,China ToursProgram: Full day tour for The Astana Tombs, Flaming Mountain, Bezeklik caves

-Astana Tombs: In the cemetery buried ancient people of the Gaochang city. It is famous for its terracotta figurines and tomb paintings.
-Flaming Mountain: As one of the hottest places on earth, Flaming Mountain has always been a famous tourist attraction, with its harsh yet unique natural conditions, as well as abundant cultural heritage.
-Bezeklik Caves: they are located 50 km in the north of Turpan and were built in the Tang Dynasty. Nowadays you can see 64 of theses caves, which are still well preserved.

Accommodations: Turpan Hotel***

Day 5  Sunday 12-September-10     Meal(s) (B, L)   Turpan to Kucha  

Transfer via: by private vehicle 
Program: Drive to Kucha (660km). On the way to Kucha, enjoy the beautiful landescape of the Tianshan Mountain and the northside of Taklamakan Desert, the oasis and gobi.

Accommodations: Kucha Hotel***

Day 6  Monday 13-September-10     Meal(s) (B, L)   Kucha

Program: Full day visit to Tianshan Grand Canyon, Grand Kuqa Mosque.

Accommodations: Kucha Hotel***Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves,Aksu Tours,Xingjiang Tours,China Tours

Day 7 Tuesday 14-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Kucha to Aksu

Transfer via: by private vehicle 
Program: After breakfast, drive 289km to Aksu. On the way, visit Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves, after arrival visit Shenmu Garden, Numinous Wood Garden in Wensu.

Accommodations: Aksu Friendship Hotel***

Day 8  Wednesday 15-September-10     Meal(s) (B, L)     Aksu to Kashgar

Transfer via: by private vehicle 
Program: After breakfast, drive to Kashgar(430km). On the way, visit the local workshop linked knives, leather and goods.

Accommodations: Qinibag Hotel***

Day 9  Thursday 16-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Kashgar

Tomb of Xiangfei(Abakh Khoja Tomb),Kashgar Tours,Xinjiang Tours,China ToursProgram: Full day tour for Idgar Mosque, Kashgar Sunday Bazzar, Abakh Khoja Tomb, Kashgar Old Town

-Idgar Mosque: The Idgar Mosque is one of the largest mosques in China. It is extremely popular among the Muslims in Xinjiang.
-Sunday Bazaar: Bazaar means farm trade market in Uygur. The bazaar in Kashgar is the biggest one in Xinjiang.
-Kashgar Old Town: Kashgar old town contains a large group of Uygur residential houses. The Old Town city is now home to 630 homes with more than 2450 people, all of whom are Muslims.
-Tomb of Xiangfei(Abakh Khoja Tomb): It is the most magnificent tomb in Kashgar, filled with history and symbolism. The tomb is commonly known among Chinese as the Tomb of Xiangfei.

Accommodations: Qinibag Hotel***

Karakuri Lake,Kashgar Tours,Xinjiang Tours,China ToursDay 10  Friday 17-September-10     Meal(s) (B, L)   Kashgar

Program: Full day round trip to the Karakuri Lake. Back to Kashgar in the afternoon

-Karakuri Lake: Situated at the foot of Mount Muztagata, lies 191 kilometers (about 120 miles) from Kashgar. It is 3,600 meters (about 11,811 feet) above sea level, 30 meters (about 98 feet) deep and with a surface of ten square kilometers (about four square miles).

Accommodations: Qinibag Hotel***

Day 11  Saturday 18-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Kashgar to Hotan

Transfer via: by private vehicle 
Program: Drive to Hotan (510km). Visit the local workshop linked knives, leather and goods. Arrival at Hotan, check in the hotel.

Accommodations: Musi Tage Hotel***

Day 12  Sunday 19-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Hotan

Program: Visit the Hetian Museum, Melikawat Ruins.

Accommodations: Musi Tage Hotel***

Day 13  Monday 20-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)    Hotan to Minfeng

Transfer via: by private vehicle 
Program: Drive to Minfeng (320km). On the way, visit the Silk Village and visit a local bazaar and a local family.

Accommodations: Niya Mansion ***

Day 14  Tuesday 21-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Minfeng to Korla 

Transfer via: by private vehicle    
Program: Drive to Korla (693km) through the Taklamakan Desert and enjoy the scenery of sand dune.

Accommodations: Bositeng Hotel***

Day 15  Wednesday 22-September-10   Meal(s) (B)     Korla to Urumqi to Departure City

Transfer via: by air from Korla to Urumqi (arranged by us), then connecting the flight from Urumqi to departure city (own arrangement)
Program: After breakfast, take flight for Urumqi and connect your flight for your next destination.

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