A New Journey in Guilin – Peach Blossom River Cruise

2013-05-16Working at VisitOurChina

In the end of this warm April, Guilin Tianyuan International Travel Service Co., Ltd. was invited to explore a recently developed itinerary in Guilin, i.e. Peach Blossom River Cruise. Being a reliable travel agency in China, our company has always been invited to take part in such kind of activities. As a travel advisor, it is also my great honor to introduce any attraction to you for your China tour consideration.

For it is a new itinerary, some introduction of Peach Blossom River firstly made seems necessary. Peach Blossom River (formally named Yang River), is the main tributary of the famous Li River. We were told by the tour guide that due to fragrance of peach blossom waft in spring on river banks, hence the name Peach Blossom River (Taohua River in Chinese). We did not see those delicate and charming peach blossoms since it was not the right time, however, we had helpful and considerate tour guide who smiled like flower, led us to the cabin.

The boat bore away at about 10am, during this one hour or so cruise, we passed nearly ten bridges and more than ten hills. The river course is winding and circuitous, known as the "nine bends and eighteen curves". Different sceneries leaped to our eyes as the river curves, accompanied by the guide’s narration, we immersed ourselves in pure peaceful nature and rich cultures. There are too many amazing spots and colorful stories along the river to present, thus here I am only able to tell you some of them which really left me deep impression.

Firstly came into my memory is Elephant Trunk Hill, the most representative scenic spot in Guilin. When on board before departing from Xiangshan (Elephant Trunk Hill) Pier, we could see the back of this giant "elephant", though having a view of the "trunk" was unavailable, the experience was unique from another angle.

Followed by Lujia Village, which is quite a tranquil and appealing place. People say that once a man with family name Wu in the village had five sons, so the place had been called Wujia Village, due to Wu and Lu to some extent are homophonic, thus came the name Lujia Village. Near the entrance to the village, there is a boat-like structure made of cement at the River bank, before being asked if it is a pavilion for enjoying cool air, "it is the stage for local people performing Guangxi Opera sometimes" the tour guide said, full of pride.

While I was just imaging the scene of Village Opera (a novel written by famous writer Lu Xun in China), an S-shaped bridge passed over our heads, with the name of Wind & Rain Bridge, it is alleged that as long as lovers walk on it they will be together forever. Though the bridge is not as ancient and famous as Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge in Sanjiang, Liuzhou of Guangxi, it is equally the collective wisdom of Dong nationality, and it does represent the beautiful wishes of those simple people.

Around 11:20 we arrived at Fang Lianchi (Fragrant Lotus) Pier, the end point of the Peach Blossom River cruise. The pier just locates near Reed Flute Cave scenic spot, from where we could see cormorants fishing in the river. Considerately enough you will find our start point is near Elephant Trunk Hill while the end point is next to Reed Flute Cave, yes, the wise Peach Blossom River cruise program connects these two famous scenic spots in Guilin together.

Whitewashed cottages, intertwined vines and flowers, green bamboo cluster, what a natural rural picture! Birthplace of Zhao Guanwen, number one scholar of Guangxi in Tang Dynasty; the place where famous geographer Xu Xiake visited in Ming Dynasty; hometown of vice president Li Zongren in Republic of China...How profound cultures along the river! Hills glass themselves in river, as though the boat rode on peaks of them, while the guide’s introductions made us feel like we were in the long river of history. Peach Blossom River cruise, it is a really original and peaceful journey for you to relax and embrace the nature.

---Sophy (VisitOurChina)