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Beihai travel guide

Beihai travel guide

Located at the south of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, at the north bank of Beibu Gulf, Beihai is a famous coastal city with beautiful silver beach and charming island. Thanks to its subtropical climate and winding coastlines, Beihai has abundant sunshine, plentiful rainfall, limpid seawater, fine beaches and fresh seafood. Covering an area of 3337 square kilometers and administering four districts, Beihai has been listed as the best place to live in. Beihai is skirted by the sea on three sides with two main island-Weizhou Island and Xieyang Island. The former is a young volcanic island, known as one of the most beautiful islands only second to Xisha Islands in China. Besides, it borders on Nanning City of Guangxi Province and Zhanjiang City of Guangdong Province and faces Haikou City of Hainan Province across the sea. Such a perfect location has made it the beginning point of Maritime Silk Road in ancient time and become one of China's 14 coastal cities opening to the outside world. Being the pivot of Southeast China, Hainan Province and Southeast Asia and the most convenient access to the sea for Southwest China, Beihai is a brilliant jewel alongside Beibu Gu... More information about Beihai »

Top Attractions in Beihai

Beihai Silver Beach

Beihai Silver Beach

As the best coastal resort in the southern China,Silver Beachis the best choice for leisure lives and medical treatments. The beach is long and flat; the sands are fine and pure; the air is refreshing; the water is crystal. Swimming, sun bathing, and other sea sports here can afford you amusement.

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Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island

As the youngest volcanic island in China, Weizhou Island, embraced by green mountains on three sides, is a geological park of vital importance. It looks like a jade floating in the ocean with temperate climate. Natural marine life, the rich, fertile volcanic matter surrounding are in abundance here.

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