Beihai Silver Beach

Chinese name: 银滩 (Yin Tan)
Location: 6km in the south of the city of Beihai.  
Opening time: 24 hours a day (no entrance fee charged)

How to get to the Silver Beach:
1. By Bus: Take the No.3 bus from the city, you can arrive the Silver Beach.
2. By Taxi: Taking a taxi to the Silver Beach costs only 15 minutes and about RMB15 yuan, and you can bargain with the driver.
3. By Motorcycle Taxi: About 8 yuan.

About the Silver Beach
1. Why it is named the Silver Beach?
All the sands here are high quality quartz sands, the silver shining light shows when it is under the sunlight, therefore, it’s like a beach of silvers.  

The Silver Beach in Beihai,swimming heaven and lots of amusement activities.

2. Features and Highlights on the Beach
The sands on the beach are fine and pure and the beach itself is long and flat, the sea water is clean and of agreeable average temperature of 23.7℃. The Silver Beach is the best coastal resort and place for sea sports in the southern part of China. The air of the beach is extremely clean which makes the Silver Beach of Beihai a perfect place for leisure lives and medical treatments. It is hailed as the ‘Beidai he River in the south’ (Beidai he is one beautiful River in Hebei province of China, in city of Qinghuan dao).

The Holiday Resort of the Silver Beach:
The holiday resort is composed of three parts, the Silver Beach Prak, the Seashore Park and Hengli Seashore Holiday Resort Center (with its villa and hotel groups).

Legend of the Immortal Bridge

The Immortal Bridge of the silver bridge, the perfect scenery of sunset.

In the center of the Silver Beach, there is a bridge named Immortal Bridge (Xian ren qiao, 仙人桥)which is of 3 sides surrounded by the sea and only one side connecting to the land. Legend for this bridge was beautiful: It is said that the Immortal Bridge was formed from the rainbow in the sky, once a Japanese monk who enjoys high prestige and command universal respect went to China to for a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures found a brilliant rainbow flied down from the sky and landed on the land, with one side connecting to the beach and another into the sea. The monk rushed to see what happened because he saw two old wise men discussing something there, but when he got closer, the rainbow disappeared and only a bridge remained, so he stayed there for praying at the Immortal Bridge.

Interesting things to do at the Silver Beach: Amusement

Spending leisure time under thatched shacks on the Silver Beach is a great enjoyment.

Swimming is quite safe at the beach as the water is clean and rising and falling of the tide goes very quickly. Tourist can enjoy swimming here for over 9 months a year. Other amusement you can enjoy there includes the volleyball, football, kart, water bungee, sailing boat, etc. Don’t forget dive under the sea seeing the amazing underwater world and beautiful corals, enjoy leisure lying on the bench and have a sun bath, see the sunrise and sunset on the beach make visitors enjoyable experience at the Silver Beach.

Travel Tips for Traveling to the Silver Beach of Beihai

Beautiful and peaceful seashore city, heaven for lovers.

Swimming Tips:
1. Swimming in the sea is a must wherever seashore city you visit. Make sure bringing your own equipments (swimwear, swimming goggles, swim ring, etc. ). You can rent them at the rental shops on the beach but it’s quite expensive.

2. Never swim to the deep water areas or any places without the lifeguards, don’t swim to far away from the coast and go back to the beach if there is a heavy wind or rising tide.

3. Get away from the motorboats and keep safe.

4. The sunlight is sufficient but too much abundant for your skin, make sure you will bring useful sun screens and skin care products to avoid the sun peeling.

Special Notices

The lion fish, don't forget to dive into the sea or go to the ocenan pavilion to see the beautiful corals and sea fishes.

1. Don’t rent the equipments from individuals, especially the rent for some machines like the wave race, it is not safe and the owner may cheat you for a higher rental price.

2. Don’t take the wave race to the wild islands inside the sea (like the so-called ‘island for valentines’) because you may have a risk of being threatened or being charged for higher price as the ship owner may pretend that the boat is broken.

Quick Questions

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