Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island of Beihai is China's youngest volcanic island, and also Guangxi Province's largest one known as one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. Located in the middle of Beibu Gulf just off the costal Chinese town of Beihai, and north-west of the famed Hainan Island and Vietnam, this island was borne out a violent volcanic reaction when the European plate collided with the Asia Plate over fifty-million years ago. In 1994 Weizhou Island successfully applied for its own status as a individual province, and is now one of Guangxi's most attractive tourist attractions and an important geological park of China.

China Tours, China Travel Guide, Beihai Attractions, Weizhou Island of BeihaiChina Tours, China Travel Guide, Beihai Attractions, Weizhou Island of Beihai

From above, the island looks like a jade floating in the ocean. Weizhou Island has a perfect temperate climate for tourisms, summers rarely get too hot and the winter is mild, with the average temperature holding at twenty-three degrees Celsius, it is one the Guangxi's most lush locations, experiencing very low average rain-fall. During the morning hours the island is shrouded in mist making it both mysterious and beautiful, the vegetation covering the island is typical of that for a volcanic island as well having an abundance of natural marine life, the rich, fertile volcanic matter surrounding the island has given birth to a brilliant and colorful plume of coral reefs that surround the island, and once reaching the reefs around the island the water becomes a crystal aquamarine and a kaleidoscope of color emerges.

China Tours, China Travel Guide, Beihai Attractions, Weizhou Island of Beihai

Weizhou Island is rocky and mountainous are sharp in the north and flattens out in the south, the southern part of the island is where the port of Nanwan is located, a natural port that exists in the remains of an ancient crater. The Weizhou Island is embraced on three sides by green mountains in the east, north and west. The island is rich in marine and bird-life as well as surging waves that barrage in off the crest of the reef. The southwest tip of the island has become the most popular amongst tourists as it is the part of the island richest in sea-life and is classified as a scientific preserve.

There are several naturally formed rock formations across the island that dazzle and amaze visiting tourists, among them are: 'the sea turtles cave' which is a rock formation that seems to perfectly replicate the shape of a lying turtle, 'the piglet range' which is a small island when viewed from a distance appear to have the uncanny look of piglets. The island is also rich in hidden sea-caves and sheer sea-cliffs, the island is dotted with spectacular and bizarre rock formations to excite and delight.

China Tours, China Travel Guide, Beihai Attractions, Weizhou Island of Beihai

The best time to visit

Weizhou Island enjoys temperate, spring-like climate all year-round which makes it perfect for traveling at almost any time; particularly in spring or autumn. The island is not only a great place to enjoy sea, sun and sand but also to enjoy the wonders of its aquatic life and naturally formed rock formations.

Local Specialties

This island is rich in peanuts, bananas and silk; with peanut-oil produced on the island being particularly well regarded on the mainland and often is sold to major markets in Hong-Kong and South-east Asia. Abalone, eel and sea cucumber are available in abundance while the more gourmet delicacies of sea-horse, turtle and porpoise are also available for those with adventurous minds and stomachs.

Fresh fruit are also grown in large qualities with pineapple, jackfruit and bananas grown almost all year-around, tourists heading back to the mainland by boat can often be seen carrying bagfuls of fresh, mouthwatering fruit.

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