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National Holidays

National Holidays

In China, there are seven statutory holidays nationwide, of which four of them are traditional Chinese festivals, seeing the details following,

One-day holiday for New Year’s Day (on Jan.1)
Three-day holiday for Spring Festival (on Spring Festival Eve, the first and second day of lunar January)
One-day holiday for Tomb-sweeping Festival (around April 4 and April 5)
One-day holiday for International Labor Day (on May. 1)
One-day holiday for Dragon Boat Day (the fifth day of lunar May)
One-day holiday for Mid-autumn Festival (the fifteenth day of lunar August)
Three-day holiday for National Day (on Oct. 1, 2 and 3)

In general, adjacent weekends are adjusted to join these festival holidays; thus, these one-day festival holidays are adjusted to be three-day holidays, while three-day festival holidays are adjusted to be seven-day holidays.


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