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Emeishan in brief Located southwest of Sichuan Province, Emeishan City, which shares a same name (峨眉山) with the famous Emeishan Mountain (Emei Mountain or Mount Emei) in Mandarin Chinese, is situated 130 kilometers southwest of the capital city of Chengdu. The Emei Mountain situated in the Emeishan City is renowned for its rank as the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China (3,099 metres high) and its nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the Leshan Giant Buddha since 1996. Travelers looking for some marvelous hikes will just be satisfied with the landscapes displayed there especially during the sunrise and clouds sea sightseeing, available from the Golden Summit of the mountain. Home to many Tibetan macaques (monkeys), the scenery in Emei Mountain is just a delight that everyone will enjoy during the climbing. More than a sacred place, Emeishan is also a pure natural beauty attracting hordes of pilgrims and tourists every day. While facing the Emeishan, travelers are impressed by the 76 Buddhist Monasteries located throughout the paths and strangely adapting their architecture to the landscape. On foot or taking cable cars, climbing the Emei Moun...More information about Emeishan »

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