Emeishan Transportation

By air

There is no airport in Emeishan City. However, it is about 90 minutes’ drive to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, which has daily flights to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and regular flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul and other cities in Southeast Asia.

There is no shuttle bus directly from the airport to Mount Emei, and a taxi to Mount Emei is around CNY200 to 300. So you need to take a shuttle bus to Chengdu Minjiang Hotel, and then walk for 10 minutes to get the New South Gate Tourist Center Bus Station (新南门旅游中心车站), where you can catch a bus (about CNY43, running every 30 minutes) to Emeishan Bus Station. A taxi from Emeishan Bus Station to Mount Emei Scenic Area costs around CNY10.

By train

Emeishan Railway Station is a stop along Chengdu-Kunming Railway. There are some 20 trains going through Emeishan Railway Station, which is 10 km from Mount Emai. A taxi to Mount Emei costs around CNY15 (15 minutes). You can take the train K145 or K165 (Chengdu-Kunming) or K117 (Chengdu-Panzhihua) and get off at Emeishan Railway Station.

There are tourist buses from Chengdu New South Gate Tourist Center Bus Station to Emeishan City (about CNY43, running every 30 minutes).

By long-distance bus

There are two bus stations in Emeishan City. One is Jiuzhu Long-distance Bus Station, 6 km from Mount Emei. Another is Tourist Bus Station in the Mount Emei Scenic Area (峨眉山旅游客运中心). Ask the driver what the destination is before you take a bus. Emeishan city is 156 km from Chengdu, 34 km from Leshan City (where the Leshan Giant Buddha is located).

---Chengdu to Mount Emei

Shuttle bus ( about CNY43, 2 hours) departs every 30 minutes from New South Gate Tourist Center Bus Station (新南门旅游中心车站) to Emeishan City.

---Leshan to Mount Emei

Shuttle buses (CNY8, 0.5 hour) run every 10 minutes from Leshan Central Bus Station (乐山中心站) and Xiaoba Bus Station (肖坝车站) to Emeishan City.

----Chongqing to Emeishan City

There are shuttle buses (CNY90/105) leaving Chongqing Caiyuanba Bus Station or Chengjiaping Bus Station for Emeishan City at 09:00 and 11:00 daily.

City transportation

---By public bus

There are three bus routes in Emeishan City.

1. From the Buddha's Halo Square to Fuhu Temple in Mount Emei Scenic Area (No. 5, CNY1.5)

Stops: Famous Mountain Memorial Archway, Mount Emei Scenic Area Bus Station, Emeishan Restaurant, Lingxiu Hot Spring, Emeishan Hotel, Hongzhushan Hotel, Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple.

2. From the First Secondary School of Emeishan City to Emeishan Railway Station (CNY1)

Stops: Fountain Pool, the People's Hospital, Jiuzhu Long-distance Bus Station, Ermeishan Railway Station.

3. From Jiuli Town to Luomu Town (CNY1.5)

Stops: Fountain Pool, Famous Mountain Memorial Archway, Baoguo Temple.

---By rickshaw

Rickshaws are available in the urban area, which holds one or two passengers. The fare depends on how far you go, usually CNY2 to 5.

---By taxi

The taxi fare is charged by a taximeter and CNY5 within two km. Taxis can only get to Meeting Guests Square (迎宾广场) of Mount Emei Scenic Area, where you can transfer to a sightseeing bus.

---By sightseeing bus in Mount Emei Scenic Area

Sightseeing bus is the major transportation in Mount Emei Scenic Area. Ticket prices are as following:

Baoguo Temple - Wannian Temple (Wuxiangang): CNY20/P.

Baoguo Temple - Leipingdong: CNY40/P

Wuxiangang (Baoguo Temple) - Leipingdong: CNY30/P

Linggongli - Leipingdong: CNY20/P