Emeishan Cuisine

Being a part of Sichuan Province, Emeishan City is a place to try Sichuan food as well as local dishes and snacks. Sichuan hot pot, stewed chicken, hot and sour noodles, etc are available in Emeishan. In addition, the following specialties of Emeishan are worth trying.

Vegetarian Feast (素食宴)
Temples on Mt. Emei provide pilgrims with a long list of vegetarian dishes that not only looks but tastes like real meat with bean products, glutens and vegetables as raw materials. Famous Vegetarian feast are available in Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple and Wannian Temple.

Smoked Duck (烟熏鸭, 卤鸭)
Smoked Duck is the most famous in the long list of dishes in an Emeishan meal. With impressively ruddy look, tender texture, tangy smell and slight smoky flavor, this dish serves as a good dish that goes well with wine. The feature is that it is savory without making your taste bud feel thirsty.

Bacon (腊肉)
Bacon is a traditional local dish. Pork butt are salted and smoked with various spices. It fulfills your mouth with aroma.

Eel slices (鳝鱼丝)
Eel Slices is a favorite of local people. Fresh eels are cut into shreds and put into a pan with soybean sprouts, vermicelli, hot peppers, and bean paste. Flavors and nutrition of the eels is preserved.

Bean Curd Jelly (豆腐花)
Stewed in bone broth with usual condiments, the bean curd jelly of Emeishan City is full of Sichuan flavor. With an amazingly lucent color and thick texture, the bean curd is best savored with steamed beef, fried peanut, crispy meat, celery slice and chili peppers.

Leaf Wrapped rice Cake (叶儿粑)
Leaf Wrapped Rice Cake will just make you mouth water in every bite with deliciously steamed various fillings such as white sugar, peanuts, walnuts, sesame and glutinous rice wrappers.

Cold Bean Jelly (凉粉)
There are two kinds of Cold Belly Jelly in Emeishan City. The white one is made from buckwheat and local sauce as condiments. The black one is made from pea powders. A conventional way to eat is put it on your hand instead in a bowl and then spill flavorings on it.

Mixed Paste (三合泥)
Mixed Paste is a famous local dessert. It got the name because common rice, glutinous rice and soybean are mixed and grinded into powders, and then fried into pasty with water and condiments.