China Ski Resorts

2012-11-29China travel Guide

Winter is the best season to enjoy snow to your heart's content; winter is full of fun to ski in the excellent resorts around China. Generally speaking, there are six wonderful ski resorts mainly in Heilongjiang, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan. And I will give you a brief introduction on them one by one in the followings.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Located in the Shangzhi city, 193 kilometers to the Harbin city, Heilongjiang province, Yabuli Ski Resort, the currently largest one, boasts the most complete facilities among ski resorts in China. Due to its extreme temperature reaching -44℃, the average temperature -10℃, snow periods can last more than 170 days, and the ski periods can last nearly 150 days. As the elevation is around 137.4 metres, the highest rising to 1374.8 metres, the snow depth below the mountains can be as thick as 30 to 50 centimetres, and the depth on the mountains can reach one metre-strong! It is small wonder why Yabuli Ski Resort is the best resort all over China and the ideal venue for holding ski competitions or skiing for fun. Every year when it comes November to March the next year, travelers often hail the best time for skiing. Surrounded by snow mountains, Yabuli Ski Resort is not only magnificent but also becomes and the training base for national ski athletes.

Erlongshan Ski Resort (Longzhu)

Located in the Erlongshan Scenic Area, 50 kilometres away from the eastern suburbs of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, covering an area of 780,000 square metres, Erlongshan Ski Resort, by now, is the perfect place for beginners of skiing fanatics, where two ski fields for beginners and one ski field for children are available. The average elevation of Erlongshan is some 300 metres, the average temperature in winter is 15℃ to 18℃, the snow periods last 170 days, the ski periods last 120, so the snow depth can reach 30 to 50 centimetres, with abundant soft-and-hard snow, and visitors can enjoy themselves in winter usually from November to February. As the training base for China outdoor extreme sports, skiers can also experience adventure thrills concurrently.

Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski Resort is situated in the Miyun County, northeast suburb of capital Beijing, 3 kilometres away from the south of the county, 62 kilometres away from the Wanghe Bridge of Beijing. As the only large and medium ski resort of the outskirts where you can reach within thirty minutes from Beijing, Nanshan Ski Resort is the only engaging winter holiday village offering skiing, sliding, ice climbing and other entertainments in Beijing and the north China. In different seasons, you can take part in different activities. In winter, skiing is the optimized choice; in spring, you can have an outing here; in summer, to playing with your friends in the water is delightful; in autumn, picking is always the popular activity. 
Huaibei Ski Resort (Longzhu)

As one of the most beautiful and the earliest ski resorts, Huaibei Ski Resort is located in the northeast part of Beijing, 56 kilometres away from Sanyuan Bridge. Falling to typical basin climate, its location on the Yanshan Mountain and the surrounding mountain ranges obstruct high temperature of thermal inversion, leaving the air dry and freezing. In addition, the snow is made of surface water whose temperature remains 0℃ to 4 ℃, thus the unique resort being made. Every year, when ski season in Huaibei begins in late November and ends till early March, skiers can challenge themselves on the comfortable snow, while feasting their eyes with the Great Wall. Recognized as the resort combining natural sights and human sights, Huaibei Ski Resort has always enjoyed the good reputation as ski resort in the embrace of the Great Wall.

 Xiling Ski Resort

Dubbed as the South Snowland, Xiling is only 95 kilometres away from Chengdu, Sichuan province.  Covering an area of 482.2 square kilometers, Xiling Ski Resort has the elevation of 1260 to 5364 metres, with the highest temperature in summer reaches 25 ℃, while the lowest temperature in winter is -6℃. Every year from November to March the next year, the fine snow can accumulate to 60 centimetres, becoming the unique and marvelous snow sights. As it falls to subtropical humid monsoon climate, visitors can travel around here all the year round. In addition, that the Big Snow Mountain stands as high as 5,146 metres, where snow is visible all the time, is conductive to the formation of this Oriental Alps. So far, there are no larger ski resorts with the most advanced facilities around China than Xiling Ski Resort in Sichuan!

Alshan Ski Resort

Alshan city in Inner Mongolia is a border town with charming scenery, where snow periods last as long as six months. With the high-quality snow, the resort becomes a superlative venue for skiers. Surrounded by mountains and forests, Alshan Ski Resort belongs to Mongolian plateau continental climate, influenced by Siberia cold currents. Thereupon, the winter is long, snow fall is large, and the average snow depth can reach more than 0.5 metres. Travelers can spend their time doing ice and snow sports from November to April on this resort on the golden altitude. For the most part, it is an ideal base for exercise, competition and training, as well as a paradise for skiing, playing and appreciating snow in Inner Mongolia!

Winter is a glossy season when it accelerates the pace toward us in China. Why not join us to revel in the fun with snow and skiing? We are awaiting you on the way to China ski resorts!

---Gaea (VisitOurChina)