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Erlongshan Ski Resort(Longzhu)

Erlongshan Ski Resort

Erlongshan or Longzhu (dragon pearl) Ski Resort, is located about 65KM west to Harbin , it was built in 1999.Erlongshan ski resort has snow cover for 170 days per year with an annual average temperature of 15 centigrade degree. Festival celebrations and International Freestyle Skiing competitions- make Erlongshan Ski resort one of the most popular winter spots in China and around the world.

Erlongshan comprises of two trails for beginners, 6 runs for intermediate and advanced skiers. The child ski ground is the first of its kind in China . The ski resort covers around 780,000 square meters, and is capable of holding 4,000 skiers at the same time. The lift from the resort base to the top offers unique views of undulating countryside. The season starts from November and lasts till March.

Erlongshan"s pristine lake is enclosed by two intermingling mountain ranges. Adjoining is a small island in its hub which brings to mind the image of two pearl-eating dragons of contemporary legend. Verdant and copious pine trees and vast expanses of pure white snow make an ideal setting for skiing in the winter- slender willows and sandy shores make for a superb and scenic summer get away. Because of the Erlongshan resort"s constant venture and progress, an increasing number of participatory and hands-on activities have come into sight. The encompassing natural environment with various activities has turned the resort into an ideal destination in winter and year-round.

erlongshan Ski Resortlongzhu Ski Resort