Yabuli International Ski Resort

Chinese name:
亚布力滑雪场 (Ya Bu Li Hua Xue Chang)

Location: The Yabuli International Ski Resort is located in Shangzhi City, 193 kilometers from Harbin City, in Heilongjiang Province.

Admission fee: The price to ski at Yabuli International Ski Resort depends on what hill you choose and how long you play. Prices range from CNY 120.00 to CNY 480.00.

Skiing season: The resort opens on November and the season can last for almost five months.
Hours of operation: The resort is open from 08:00 to 22:00.

Yabuli Ski Resort, Harbin Ski Resort.

How to get there from Harbin:

By train: You can take the K7053(departs at 08:28), the K265(departs at 08:43) or the K7111(departs at 14:10) train from Harbin to the Yabuli Train Station. The ticket price is about CNY30. Upon arrival in Yabuli you can choose a taxi or local mini bus to the ski resort.

By bus: Buses for Yabuli Township depart at the Longyun Bus Station (in front of Harbin Train Station) every morning at 07:20 and 10:00, and afternoons at 13:20 and 15:50.


The elevation of the peak at Yabuli is 1374.8 meters. The average temperature at the ski resort, during the operating season is minus 10 degrees centigrade. The snow lasts for about 170 days, which allows the resort to operate for about 150 days. The best time to ski at Yabuli is from mid November to late March.

The Yabuli International Ski Resort is currently the largest and has the most complete facilities of any ski resort in China. The main skiing trail is 3800m long and located at an altitude of 1300meters. The Yabuli International Ski Resort is surrounded by mountain ranges covered with pine forests.

Yabuli Ski Resort lanes, Slide rails of Yabuli, Yabuli Cable Cars.

The most famous mountain at the Yabuli International Ski Resort is named the Guokui Mountain, which translates as “Helmet-shaped Mountain”. The ski trails were used during the 3rd Asian Winter Games and now have become the training trails for the China National Ski Team. The Yabuli International Ski Resort has the longest mountain ski trails in Asia.

The resort has a 5 kilometer off-road track and special trails for snowmobiles and sleds. In the summer, the Yabuli International Ski Resort is ideal for a leisurely holiday and offers fishing, golf, and boating.

Map of the Yabuli International Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort lanes, Slide rails of Yabuli, Yabuli Cable Cars.

Yabuli travel tips:

Accommodations: The Windmill, a three star hotel, is an ideal place to stay. It is located in front of the ski resort, with convenient transportation and comfortable rooms. The price for standard room is around CNY400.

Food: Travelers can enjoy the local cuisine in the ski resort, and in local restaurants opened by farmers. Eating the local cuisine, while sitting on a Kang (heated brick bench), surrounded by beautiful scenery is a very special experience.

Shopping: There are many special shops in Harbin which sell local handicrafts. Some of the items sold in the shop are; windmills, redware pottery, crystal, wooden picture, and Russian Tawa, dolls. Other local edible specialties, such as dried mushrooms, wild herbs, and honey are also available. .

Ski rentals: Skis, ski suits, goggles, helmets, gloves and other skiing equipment are available for rent at the Yabuli International Ski Resort.

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