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Alshan Ski Resort

Alshan Ski Resort

Alshan Ski Resort is located in Alshan city in Inner Mongolia adjoining the boundary of China . Alshan Skiing Resort is one of the best ski resorts in China after the Yabuli ski resort. It is one of the best training bases for the Chinese Olympic skiing team. There are average snowing periods of 180 days from November to April.

A visitor may enjoy watching horse-racing, wrestling, archery and hunting on a grassland. Alshan Skiing Resort will organize all these activities on the snow ground to exhibit a completely different aura and feeling. Apart from this, a visitor may indulge in a variety of activities including recognizing the value of snow, playing games in snow like football, adventure trip on snow fields, ski racing and ski training. In every Dec, there is an Ice & Snow Festival held in Inner Mongolia .

Alshan ski resort provides ski trails which have been left untouched to give skiers a real and unpretentious feel while coming down from the slopes. This provides a very natural skiing experience. You will also find a 800 metres long lift that drops to an average of 22 degrees and three other lifts which are 1000 meter long and have a drop of 6 meters.

You can reach this ski resort by taking a flight to the Ulanhot from Beijing . From Ulanhot, you can reach the resort by taking a train or bus from the airport. This journey takes around 3 to 4 hours. The best time to come to Alshan Ski Resort is from November to April. This ski resort has a ski season of as long as 5 months as opposed to other resorts where it hardly stretches to four months. This resort enjoys such a long season due to its geographic situation and amazing snowfall that it receives every year.

Alshan Ski Resort also provides good accommodation options and you can enjoy a great trip to this beautiful place.