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Located in the southernmost part of China, Xishuangbanna is a Dai autonomous prefecture of the Yunnan Province which can be compared in many aspects to a mini-Thailand. Originally called Sip song pan na, a name sounding much more Thai than Chinese, this literally Twelve thousand rice fields is unique for its fertile earth, tropical vegetation and amazing biodiversity. Place of the Dai minority who represents more than a half of the population (297,000), Xishuangbanna is definitely a famous tourist destination especially renowned among China domestic tourists. Some similar Thailand inspired attractions and festivities can be seen there, such as rocket festivals, boat races and the Water-Sprinkling Festival equivalent to Songkran Festival in Thailand and falling on th...

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4 Days Water Splashing Festival Tour

4 Days | Xishuangbanna

Haven't spent New Year Festival in China? Try spending the Water Splashing Festival-the New Year of Dai Ethnic Group in the legendary Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province. Beautiful Dai girls and exotic tropical sceneries here will tell you the story about Xishuangbanna-the ideal and...

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