17 Days China Tour with Tibet Exploration, Yangzte Cruise & Li River Cruise

Tour Code: VOC-20100913-C

Destination: Chengdu, Chongqing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Kunming, Lhasa, Lijiang, Shanghai, Tibet, Yangshuo, Yichang

Tour Starting Date: Monday, 13, September, 2010

Group Numbers: 2

Client's Information:
Tom and Jean Foster, Canada

Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1   Monday 13-September-10     Shanghai Arrival

Transfer via: by air-own arrangement 
Program: Arrive in Shanghai, be met and transferred to hotel, free at the rest of the day

Accommodations: Shanghai Zhao An Hotel***

Day 2  Tuesday 14-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Shanghai to Lhasa

Transfer via: by air MU2335 (07:50-14:15) (arranged by us) 
Program: Be transferred to airport, Arrive in Lhasa, be met and transferred to hotel, adapting to the high altitude at the rest of the day

Accommodations: Shangbala Hotel***
Tel: 0891-6323888, Fax: 0891-6323577

Potala Palace Day 3  Wednesday 15-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Lhasa

Program: Full day tour for The Potala Palace, The Jokhang Temple, The Barkhor Street

-The Potala Palace: Perched upon Marpo Ri Hill, 130 meters above the Lhasa Valley. It is the greatest monumental structure in Tibet.
-The Jokhang Temple: It is the spiritual center of Tibet.
-The Barkhor Street: The Barkhor is the oldest street in Lhasa as well as the center of old Lhasa and remains very traditional. It is a place where Tibetan culture, economy, religion and arts are assembled.

Accommodations: Shangbala Hotel***

Day 4  Thursday 16-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Lhasa

Program: Full day tour for the Norbulingka Park, the Drepung Monastery, the Sera Monastery

-The Norbulingka Park: Norbulingka means ""Jeweled Garden"". It was constructed as a summer palace for the Dalai Lama at very beginning, and later served as the whole governmental administration.
-The Drepung Monastery: It is one of the biggest monasteries in Tibet.
-The Sera Monastery: It is known as one of the three greatest monasteries of Tibet.

Accommodations: Shangbala Hotel***

Day 5  Friday 17-September-10   Meal(s) (B)   Lhasa to Chongqing to Yangtze Cruise

Transfer via: by air CA4419 (10:10-12:30) (arranged by us) 
Program: Be transferred to airport (Lhasa), arrive in Chongqing, be transferred to the dock; boarding the ship from 17:00 to 22:00 for overnight accommodation (Dinner is not included).

Accommodations: President No.6****

Fengdu Day 6  Saturday 18-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L, D)   Yangtze Cruise

Program: Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City.

-Fengdu, with fantastic temples of underworld demons and gods, is constructed on the Mingshan Hill by the river band. It is known as the "Ghost City" and is a place for punishing the devil and awarding the good.

Accommodations: President No.6****

Day 7  Sunday 19-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L, D)   Yangtze Cruise

Program: Passing through Qutang Gorge, Passing through Wu Gorge, Boat excursion to Shennong Stream. Enter Xiling Gorge.

-Shennong Stream is another tributary of the Yangtze River, and its fast-flowing, crystal clear water runs southwards through deep gorges. The stream races past large and small karst caves, flocks of swallows,  sheer cliffs, deep gorges, waterfalls, three-colored springs, rapids, the ancient plank path, a suspended coffin in the cliff, groups of ancient tombs and marvelous karst formations.

Accommodations: President No.6****

Day 8  Monday 20-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Yichang to Chengdu

Transfer via: by air MU8712 (20:55-22:05) (arranged by us) 
Program: Visit Three Gorge Dam. Arrival Yichang at 13:00, be met at the dock and transferred to visit China Sturgeon Fish House and then transfer to the airport (Yichang), Arrive in Chengdu, be met and transferred to hotel.

Accommodations: Green Land Hotel****
Tel: 028-82938899, Fax: 028-86748112

Lijiang Ancient TownDay 9  Tuesday 21-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Chengdu to Lijiang

Transfer via: by air MU5856 (14:30-15:50) (arranged by us) 
Program: Visit Panda Base, Be transferred to airport (Chengdu), Arrive in Lijiang, be met and transferred to hotel, Lijiang Ancient Town.

-Panda Base: people here can approach the pandas and take closely look and even pet them if desired.
-Lijiang Ancient Town: The town was built in the late Song dynasty and the early Yuan dynasty and was listed by the UNESCO on the list of the world's major cultural heritages in 1997.

Accommodations: Lijiang Sanhe Hotel***
Tel: 0888-5120891, Fax: 0888-5120892

Tiger Leaping Gorge Day 10  Wednesday 22-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Lijiang Program: Full day tour for First Bend of the Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping Gorge

Transfer via: by private vehicle 

-First Bend of the Yangtze River: It is where the Yangtze River, following a northwest course, plunges head-on into a high and cragged cliff and takes a sharp U-turn.
-Tiger Leaping Gorge: It is a canyon on the Yangtze River located 60 km north of Lijiang City, Yunnan in southwestern China. It is a contender for the world's deepest river canyon.

Accommodations: Lijiang Sanhe Hotel***

Day 11  Thursday 23-September-10   Meal(s) (B)   Lijiang to Kunming to Guilin

Transfer via: by air from Lijiang to Kunming MU5805 (08:40-09:30) (arranged by us), then connecting the flight from Kunming to Guilin MU5787 (14:20-15:45) (arranged by us) 
Program: Be transferred to airport (Lijiang), when you are in Kunming airport, please transfer the flight on your own to Guilin, Arrive in Guilin, be met and transferred to hotel.

Accommodations: Hotel Universal, Guilin***
Tel: 0773--2828228, Fax: 0773-2824944

Day 12  Friday 24-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Guilin

West Street Program: Full day tour for Li River Cruise, West Street

-Li River Cruise: Depart from your hotel in the morning. Be transferred to the Zhujiang Pier(about 1 hour drive)for a 4.5 hours wonderful cruise.You will enjoy the picturesque mountains, peaceful green fields ,farms and villages with water buffalos, cows wondering around on both sides of the river bank. Disembark at the one-thousand-year-old town Yangshuo in the afternoon.
-West Street: West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. Situated at the center of Yangshuo County, West Street has become, since the 1980's, a window of eastern and western culture and the biggest 'foreign language center' in China.

Accommodations: Aiyuan Hotel, Yangshuo***
Tel: 0773-8811966, Fax: 0773-8811916

Day 13  Saturday 25-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Guilin to Hong Kong

Elephant Trunk Hill Transfer via: by air CZ3031 (17:20-18:20) (arranged by us) 
Program: Visit Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Be transferred to airport (Guilin), when you are arrival in Hong Kong, you will go to the hotel on your own.

-Reed Flute Cave: Known as "the Palace of Natural Arts" where you can see beautiful stalactites & stalagmites, learn how they are formed.
-Elephant Trunk Hill: Located at the conjunction of the Li River & the Peach Blossom River, the whole hill looks very much like a giant elephant with a long trunk, it is the symbol of Guilin city.

Accommodations: Stanford Hillview Hotel***
Address: Observatory Road on Kuntsford Terrace, Tsimshatui, Kowloon, Hong Kong      Tel: 00852 2722 7822 Fax: 00852 2723 3718

Day 14  Sunday 26-September-10   Meal(s) (B, L)   Hong Kong

Macao Program: Full Day Macau Sightseeing with Chinese lunch (the Ruin's of St.Paul, Penha Hill, Barrier Gate, Kum Iam Temple, Casino).

-Full Day Macau Sightseeing with Chinese lunch (the Ruin's of St.Paul, Penha Hill, Barrier Gate, Kum Iam Temple, Casino): The Ruin's of St. Paul: The great ruined facade and staircase to the church of the Mother of God, now popularly known as St. Paul's - is the most famous landmark of Macau. Designed by an Italian Jesuit, and with the assistance of Japanese Christian artisans. The church was built from 1602 to 1637.

Accommodations: Stanford Hillview Hotel***

Day 15  Monday 27-September-10   Meal(s) (B)   Hong Kong

Program: Free on your own

Accommodations: Stanford Hillview Hotel***

Day 16 Tuesday 28-September-10   Meal(s) (B) Hong Kong

Program: Free on your own

Accommodations: Stanford Hillview Hotel***

Day 17  Wednesday 29-September-10   Meal(s) (B)   Hong Kong to Departure City

Transfer via: by air-own arrangement
Program: Please check-out the hotel before 12:00 at noon, and then you will go to the airport on your own

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