12 Days Fantastic Tour to Beijing,Xi'an,Sichuan,Shanghai

Tour Code: VOC-20100321-R

Destination: Beijing, Chengdu, Emeishan, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan, Shanghai, Xi'an

Tour Starting Date: Sunday, 21, March, 2010

Group Numbers: 2

Client's Information:
YING Li Ching Sharon, Singapore

Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1   Sunday 21-March-10 Meal(s) ()   Shanghai (Hongqiao) / Beijing

Transfer via: by air- arranged by us MU5111 1300-1520 (You will go to the airport in Shangha by yourselves then check-in on the plane to Beijing)
Program: Arrive in Beijing, you will be met and transferred to hotel, free for the rest time of the day

Accommodations: Redwall Hotel***or similar
Tel:010-51098666, Fax:010-51098999

Day 2   Monday 22-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Beijing

Program: Full day visit to see The Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, the Tian'anmen Square

-The Forbidden City: The largest imperial palace in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of around 600 years.
-The Summer Palace: The largest and best-preserved royal garden in China with a history of over 800 years.
-The Temple of Heaven: The place where the ancient emperors used to pray for the God's bless of the whole nation.
-The Tian'anmen Square: The largest city square in the world.

Accommodations: Redwall Hotel***or similar

Day 3   Tuesday 23-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Beijing / Xi'an

Transfer via: by overnight soft sleeper train-arranged by us Z19 2118-0819
Program: Full day visit to see Mutianyu Great Wall, the Ding Tomb, the Sacred Road. Exterior visit to see 2008 Olympic stadium, bird's nest and water cube. In the evening, you will be transferred to the train station then take over night train to Xi'an

Accommodations: Overnight soft sleeper on the train

Day 4   Wednesday 24-March-10 Meal(s) (B)   Xian

Program: In the morning, the train arrives in Xian, you will be met and transferred to hotel, have our arranged breakfast. Free for the rest time.

Accommodations: Bell Tower Hotel****or similar
Tel:029-87600000, Fax:029-87271217

Day 5  Thursday 25-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Xian

Program: Full day visit to see The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Huaqing Hot Springs

-The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses: The greatest archaeological findings of the century: the army of terra-cotta warriors and the bronze chariots entombed in vast underground vaults at emperor Qin's tomb.
-Big Wild Goose Pagoda: It is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists.
-The Bell Tower: The wooden tower, which is the largest and best-preserved of its kind in China, is 36 meters (118 feet) high.
-Huaqing Hot Springs: The Huaqing Hot Springs is located about 35 kilometers east of the city of Xi'an. Historically, during the Western Zhou Dynasty the construction of the Li Palace was undertaken on this spot.

Accommodations: Bell Tower Hotel****or similar

Day 6   Friday 26-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Xian

Program: Full day visit to see The Ancient City Wall, History Museum in Xian, the Great Mosque of Xian and the Bell Tower.

-The Ancient City Wall: It is the largest and best preserved present city wall in ancient China and is probably the best military battlement in the world.
-History Museum in Xian: It is a magnificent architectural complex in the Tang Dynasty style. The Museum possesses a treasure of 113,000 historic and cultural artifacts unearthed in Shaanxi, and it covers an area of 1,100 square meters for exhibition.
-The Great Mosque of Xian: It is the largest and best preserved of the early mosques of China. Built primarily in the Ming Dynasty when Chinese architectural elements were synthesized into mosque architecture.
-The Bell Tower: The wooden tower, which is the largest and best-preserved of its kind in China, is 36 meters (118 feet) high.

Accommodations: Bell Tower Hotel****or similar

Day 7   Saturday 27-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Xian / Chengdu

Transfer via: by air-arranged by us MU2341 0755-0905 (Early morning flight, please wake up and prepare for it as earlier as possible )
Program: You will be transferred to Xi'an airport for flight to Chengdu in the early morning. Arrive in Chengdu, be met and transferred to hotel, then visit Dufu Cottage, Panda Base.

-Dufu Cottage: It is the residence of Dufu, the greatest poets in China's history. He lived during the Tang Dynasty. The Cottage now is a lovely park.
-Panda Base: people here can approach the pandas and take closely look and even pet them if desired.

Accommodations: Chengdu Flower Hotell***or similar
Tel: 028-86120033 , Fax: 028-86129518

Day 8   Sunday 28-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Chengdu / Leshan / Emeishan

Program: Full day visit to Leshan and to see the Leshan Buddha, river cruise to the Giant Buddha, then after the tour you will be transferred directly to Emeishan for hotel accommodation, it is better for your next day's visit, and to save your time on the bus for better rest consideration.

-Leshan Buddha: Leshan Buddha is the largest Buddha in the world, about 71 meters high. It started to be carved in 713 A.D and finished 90 years later.

Accommodations: Emeishan Yinhua Hotel***or similar
Tel: 0833-5521666

Day 9   Monday 29-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Emeishan / Chengdu

Program: Full day visit to Mt Emei, Myriad Years Monastery, and you will pay visit to see the famous golden top of Mt Emei with cable cars, then back to Chengdu for rest after the tour

-Mt Emei: As the famous senic spot and the Buddhist mountain in China, Mt.Emei was listed in the World Naturaural Heritage List by UNESCO. It has many temples and beautiful scenary.
-Myriad Years Monastery: It is the most famous temple on Mt. Emei and it enjoys high reputation in Buddhism.

Accommodations: Chengdu Flower Hotell***or similar

Day 10   Tuesday 30-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Chengdu / Jiuzhaigou

Transfer via: by air-arranged by us CZ3401 1205-1250
Program: Take morning flight to Jiuzhaigou, then visit Huanglong scenic area (Or other sightseeing if there are urgent close of the scenic area caused by heavy snow)

-Huanglong: is a scenic and historic interest area in Songpan County in the northwest part of Sichuan. Huanglong was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992.

Accommodations: Tangzhong Hotel***or similar

Day 11  Wednesday 31-March-10 Meal(s) (B,L)   Jiuzhaigou

Full day Jiuzhaigou scenic area tour

-Long Sea: Jiuzhaigou long sea is the largest sea, the highest in the sea, and most can not close, the most solemn mystery of the sea.
-Shu Zheng Falls: A magnificent series of waterfalls stretching several kilometers, picturesque Penjinghai Lake and the beautiful Luweihai (Reed Marshes).
-Wuhua Lake (Five-flower Sea): Looking down at the lake from the Tiger's mouth, the lake is just like a peacock spreading its tail. With the sunlight shining on it, the lake shows rich colors such as light yellow, black, green ,azure blue and dark blue etc, it is one of the most charming lakes in the Jiuzhaigou valley.
-Zhenzhu Tan (Pearl Shoal): It is elevated 2433 meters. It is a fan-shaped huge calcium beach, where scatter a great variety of biological individuals due to the special Karst topography. When the flow is passing by, there seem that thousands of shining pearls are rolling throughout the beach.
-Xiongmao Hai (Panda Lake): With an altitude of 2587 meters, Xiongmao Hai (Panda Lake) is 14 meters deep, with an area of 90,000 square meters. This is also the haunting place of giant pandas. The rocks on the bank have special veins. Down in the water, there is a white rock with several black veins, looking exactly like a giant panda.

Accommodations: Tangzhong Hotel***or similar

Day 12  Thursday 1-April-10 Meal(s) (B)  Jiuzhaigou / Chengdu / Shanghai

Transfer via: by air-arranged by us Jiuzhaigou-Chengdu CZ3402 1335-1425 Chengdu-Shanghai (Pudong) MU5412 1630-1855.
Program: Free at leisure till be transferred to airport for flight to Chengdu first, then you will take out of your luggage and then re-check-in for the next flight to Shanghai on your own. Arrive Shanghai before evening, and then you will be picked-up by our tour guide and car then drive to the local place in Shanghai city.

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