Winter Highlights of Yellow Mountain

Located in the south of Anhui Province, Mt. Huangshan (also called Yellow Mountain or Huangshan) has been hailing as "the Most Peculiar Mountain under the Heaven", vividly featuring with strangely-shaped pines, fantastic rock peaks, delightful hot springs and amazing cloud seas. Representing distinguishing seasonal beauties, Mt. Huangshan always pleases visitors by surprise even during winter time.

Recommended Things to Do

  • 1. Watch beautiful frost flowers and rime
  • 2. Trek on the Yellow Mountain in romantic snow
  • 3. Shoot the marvelous scenery of Mt. Huangshan
  • 4. Share the nice nature with fewer crowds in tourist off-season
  • 5. Pay a visit to Hongcun and Xidi ancient villages to touch the aged-old Anhui Culture.

3 Days Huangshan Tour with Hongcun

Yellow Mountain Travel Tips and FAQ

Day 1

Destinations:Arrival Huangshan (or Tangkou town)

Upon your arrival in Huangshan city, our tour guide and car will pick you up at the airport or station (based on your transportation method) and escort you to your hotel for check in, and then visit the famous Tunxi Ancient Street (meals can be arranged upon your requests).

  • the Tunxi old Street, Huangshan city tour

    Tunxi Ancient Street
  • Huangshan ancient street

    Traditional Pancakes
  • ancient craftworks on sale

    Local Craftworks

Hotel and Meals: 3-5 Star Hotel      Based on your budget

Day 2

Destinations:Huangshan City(or Tangkou town) to the Scenic Area of Yellow Mountain

Get up in early morning and you will be transferred to Bus Transfer Center of Tangkou Town, then take the designated bus to the entrance of the Yellow Mountain, and then take the cable car to the mountain. Attractions today include the Beihai Scenic Area (the Believing Peak, the Lion Peak, etc.) and the Big West Sea Canyon .

After the tour you can have a good rest and prepare for the hiking on the mountain in the next day.

  • Huangshan Cable Car

    Huangshan Cable Cars
  • the Lion Peak of Mt.Huangshan

    Mountain Peaks
  • Beihai Hotel on the Yellow Mountain

    Beihai Hotel

Hotel and Meals: 3-5 Star Hotel      Based on your budget      B,L,D

Day 3

Destinations:Half day Huangshan/ Hongcun village / Departure

If you would like to watch the beautiful sunrise on the Mt. Huangshan, you can get up early and wait for it if the weather permits. After enjoying the Huangshan sunrise (about 2 hours), get back to the hotel for breakfast, then continue visiting Mt. Huangshan. The sightseeing today includes the Peak of Brightness, the Giant-fish Peak, the Guest-Greeting Pine of Huangshan and other highlight attractions on the mountain within the Yuping and Baiyun Scenic Areas.

After the tour and lunch on the mountain, you will take another cable car down from the mountain, then take a private transfer to Hongcun Village (about 2 hours' drive). Enjoy the peaceful and leisure hours there in Hongcun Village, do shopping or taste the delicious local snacks and food there.

After the tour and dinner, our tour guide will escort you back to Tunxi District of Huangshan City and see you off at the airport or bus station. Your tour ends here.

  • Guest-Greeting Pine

    Guest-Greeting Pine
  • Hongcun Village

    Hongcun Village
  • the Moon Pool in Hongcun Village

    the Moon Pool

Hotel and Meals: B,L,D

Useful Huangshan Travel Tips

1. Necessary Preparation

a. 2L of water in summer (1L is enough in winter), portable raincoat (umbrella is not advised, for it is not wind-proof and is dangerous if it thunders) and earmuff. There is a supermarket facing the gate of the Bus Exchange Center at the foot of the Yellow Mountain, but it is NOT suggested to do shopping in it because of its unreasonable prices and poor product quality. Tourists can choose some other shops nearby, or those in the Tangkou Town which is only about 15 minutes' walk from the Bus Exchange Center.

b. Walking sticks may be useful when going downhill. It is suggested to buy adjustable ones. For those who do not like a walking stick, wearing a pair of gloves can also prevents them from getting their hands hurt if they fall down.

c. Choose a pair of skid-resistant shoes and wear spikes if it snows. Wear skid-proof shoes when climbing; spiked shoes can be considered if it snows, but notice that spiked shoes are inconvenient for walking, and the soles will ice up if the snow is heavy.

2. Attention

Control your climbing speed on the basis of your own physical condition; have a rest if you feel rotten or your heart beat over fast. Pay attention to regulating the gravity core of your body when going downhill.

3. Diet and Accommodation on Yellow Mountain

a. Consumption level on Yellow Mountain is comparatively high. If you do not want to buy meal on the mountain, you can consider buying a box-lunch (about CNY 15 per one) in the shops at the foot of the mountain. Light-flavored drinks can protect you from feeling sick.

b. Take as light as things along so that you can save your physical strength.

c. Many hotels on Yellow Mountain have inexpensive dorm rooms, take the 6-bed rooms at the Paiyunlou Hotel for example, it costs only CNY 90-120 per head per night if you book the bed in advance or book it at the mountain foot. However, these rooms are not so private and you may be disturbed by your unacquainted roommates.

Frequently Asked Questions of Travelling to the Yellow Mountain

1. How long does it take to take a Yellow Mountain tour?

You can choose one day or two day tour to see the Yellow Mountain, two days is sufficient for a "Yellow Mountain +Hongcun Village" tour, but tourists have to get downhill on time for the bus to Hongcun Village.

One Day Yellow Mountain Tour

This one-day tour is suited to those with great physical strength, as one day is indeed tight to tour every spot of the vast Yellow Mountain Scenic Area. Tourists who take one-day Yellow Mountain tour will go uphill/downhill by round-trip cable car, with hurry-up time giving a cursory glance at some of the landscapes and taking photos on the mountain, and some of the wonderful sights will have to be ignored due to the limited tour time. For this reason, one day Yellow Mountain tour is not recommended to ordinary tourists.

Two day Yellow Mountain Tour with Hongcun Village

For those with good physical power, the route with "Ciguang Pavilion - Guest-meeting Pine - Tiandu Peak - Xihai (West Sea) Canyon - Cloud Valley" and some others are suggested to arrange on the first day, then overnight at the Paiyunlou Hotel in the Xihai Canyon scenic area or the Beihai Hotel in the Beihai scenic area. The sightseeing on the second day will include the Bright Summit (the second highest peak of Yellow Mountain) and the spots in the Beihai scenic area. This two-day tour might be a little sweatful but can show tourists an overall look of Yellow Mountain.

2. What to enjoy in Mt. Huangshan?

Huangshan Scenic Spot is large with countless attractions. But the most beautiful section of the Yellow Mountain is the West Sea Gully. And it takes more time to enjoy the attractions in West Sea and Yuping area because of their landform. And Beihai Section of the mountain is relatively flat with concentrated attractions and hotels. If you are lucky, you can see sunrise and cloud sea of Huangshan. The probability to enjoy the most beautiful sceneries of the Yellow Mountain is around 30%.

3. How about the cable cars in the Yellow Mountain?

When gong up and down the mountain in Ciguang Pavilion area and Yungu Temple (Cloudy Valley Temple) area, the people who are not so strong can take round trip cable cars. There are always cable cars (6 person/car) running to and from Ciguang Pavilion region and it is easy to take when it is not crowed. While there are two stops to take cable cars to Yungu Temple area: the cable car in new station is two-way vehicles but the cable cars (4 person/car) in the old station is of single-way type.

4. What itinerary should I follow while on the mountain?

The attractions in Mt. Huangshan are divided into four areas: Ciguang, White Cloud (Baiyun), North Sea (Beihai) and West Sea (Xihai) area. And you can choose your own route as your will, such as taking photos, camping and hiking.

The sceneries on the path from Ciguang Pavilion area to the top of Yellow Mountain are highly recommended to enjoy but the road is narrow and steep. You can choose to stay in the North Sea Hotel after arriving in Ciguang Pavilion from Yungu Temple, and then you can visit surrounding attractions including Shixin Peak and Lion Peak; or you can go down from the entrance of West Sea Gorge, walk a circuit. Next day you can view the Bright Summit, Greeting Pine, etc, and then go down the mountain.

5. What to prepare for the sunrise watching on Yellow Mountain?

Do not exhaust yourself when touring on the first day, or else you might fail to get up early to catch the sunrise. The sunrise on the Yellow Mountain usually occurs from 06:30-08:00, and generally, there are best sunrise-watching stands near the major hotels on the mountain, e.g. the Lion Peak and the Shixin Peak near the Beihai Hotel. As for sunset, the Paiyunlou Hotel is recommended.

For the sunrise, it is suggested to get up at about 05:00.

Remember to take clothes along to keep warm, and a flashlight and a pair of gloves are also needed. Avoid walking too fast and sweating when going uphill, or else you might catch a cold if your clothes get wet.

If you are a photo-shooting lover, you need to go to find a good position as early as possible, for the splendid view of sunrise on Yellow Mountain always attracts a lot of shutterbugs.

The probability of sunrise-watching on Yellow Mountain depends on the real-time weather condition.

Highlight Photos of the Yellow Mountaina

  • The Big Turtle Peak, Aoyu Peak of Huangshan, Huangshan Attractions

    The Big Turtle Peak

  • the Fairyland Bridge, the Buxian Bridge of Huangshan, Huangshan Travel Guide

    The Fairyland Bridge

  • The Flying-over Stone, Huangshan Attractions

    The Flying-over Stone

  • The Unusual Rocks in Huangshan Mountain, the Rocks in the Big Xihai Canyon

    Stones of Grotesque Shapes

  • Daybreak and Sunrise on the Mt.Huangshan, things to do at Huangshan

    The Daybreak and Peaks

  • Stone Monkey Gazing the Sea of Clouds, Huangshan Attractions

    Gazing the Sea of Clouds

More Photos of Mt. Huangshan » 

Before Travelling There

It is very convenient to travel to Mt. Huangshan no matter you depart from Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou by air, by train or by car. If you are a new visitor to Mt. Huangshan, it is necessary to learn about the overview of Huangshan City and some recommended tourist destinations in and around Huangshan.

Huangshan City.
Tunxi District, the downtown of Huangshan City, is usually called Huangshan by many people. It is about 60 km from Tunxi District to the Huangshan Scenic Areas.

Tangkou Town
Tangkou Town is the right place where the Huangshan Scenic Areas situates. Tourists set off Tunxi District of Huangshan City can get to the town by car and then buy admission tickets after they arrive there.

Hongcun and Xidi Village

Located about 60 km apart from the Tangkou Town, characteristic local Hongcun Village and Xidi Village are usually contained as a part of Mt. Huangshan Tour.

More About Huangshan Travel

Manpower-driving tricycles, bearers on the Yellow Mountain, hiking along Xing'an River near Yellow Mountain, sea of rape flowers, ancient Anhui-style memorial archways... all of these and more feature Huangshan and make Huangshan Tours uniquely glamorized.

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