Entry and Exit of China

There are many laws in China Concerning entry and exit and China takes them very seriously. It is important that you know what you are allowed, and not allowed to bring into or out of the country. Here we have created a list to help you in preparing for your China tour. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do all we can to answer all of your questions.


When entering into China, tourists have to go through the procedures such as quarantine check and frontier inspection.

Passengers entering China are subject to hygienic inspection at open ports. Those who come from areas infested with yellow fever must show valid vaccination certificates to quarantine authorities. Visitors who suffer from serious mental diseases, AIDS, venereal diseases, leprosy, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis, or other infectious diseases are prohibited from entry.

During the procedure of frontier inspection, passengers are required to have Entry Registration Cards, which with Luggage Declaration Forms are usually given by airlines or ship companies to fill out before arrival. Passports, visas and other certificates will also be checked. Frontier inspection stations have the right to forbid those with invalid or are missing their exit-entry certificates and who, based on Chinese laws and regulations, are forbidden to enter China.

A luggage check will also be done during frontier inspection, for the sake of maintaining social safety. The frontier inspection station has the right to check all luggage brought into China. Dangerous, harmful, or toxic articles, as prescribed by Chinese law are prohibited, and during the inspection, customs declaration will be also made. Custom declaration must be followed exactly.

Prohibited Items:

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Items which must be declared:

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Make sure to exit China by the date listed on your visa. When leaving China, visitors must again have their passports, visas, credentials and other documents checked by the frontier inspection office and have their hand baggage examined by Chinese customs. Visitors leaving the country are required to fill in a Departure Card and a Customs Declaration form while leaving.

Prohibited Items:

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Items which must be declared:

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