Shandong Post and Shandong TA cooperate on rural tourism

created: 2010-06-17

In order to promote the development of the countryside, Shandong Post and Shandong Tourism Administration will start a program called "Bringing tourism to the countryside" and build 1,000 "Post-Travel Countryside" service centers in all urban post offices to develop rural tourism.

Shandong has rich rural tourism resources. In recent years many rural areas have been developing local inns and home-stays that make use of natural resources and folk customs, to make rural tourism a major part contributor to the rural economy.

Together with Shandong Tourism Administration, Shandong Post will build 17 comprehensive service centers to be the flagship centers for the "Bringing tourism to the countryside" program. They will also build 10,000 "Post-Travel Countryside" service centers providing services such as promotion, booking, and product display.

The province will also launch a hotline to serve the program taking advantage of its 12301 tourism service hotline and the 11185 post call center, as well as by creating a website offering consultation services. Shandong Post will use its network, star-rated hotels, direct mail letters, and the China Post DM service to attract urban residents to visit the rural areas.

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