Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. Opens New Flight from Quanzhou to Hangzhou to Shenyang on 10th December

created: 2012-12-10

VisitOurChina, 10th December, 2012
Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. opens new flight from Quanzhou of Fujian province to Hangzhou of Zhejiang province to Shenyang of Liaoning province in Jinjiang Airport in Quanzhou on 10th December this year, the flight number is ZH9253/4, and the flight is carried out by Airbus A320. The flight time is 07:45 (Quanzhou) – 08:55 (Hangzhou) – (Hangzhou) – 11:50 (Shenyang) – 12:30 (Shenyang) – 14:45 (Hangzhou) -15:45 (Hangzhou) – 16:55 (Quanzhou).
This flight, connecting Fujian and Eastern China, facilitates the residents to head for northeastern China for travelling, visiting their relatives, and doing business, in the meanwhile, it offers an alternative for people in northeastern China to experience unique Fujian scenery and culture.

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