Yinchuan Hedong Airport Opens More Flights to Xining, Jinan, Haikou and Other Cities

created: 2012-06-01

VisitOurChina, June 1, 2012
Shandong Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines will increase more flights staring from June 1 and June 12, Yinchuan Hedong Airport announced on May, 28.
From June 1, Shandong Airlines will increase non-direct flights from Xining to Jinan with a stopover at Yinchuan, flying on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The flight departs from Jinan at 15:15, arrives in Yinchuan at 17:15, departs from Yinchuan at 18:00 and arrives in Xining at 19:00. The flight back to Jinan will depart from Xining at 19:45, arrive in Yinchuan at 20:45, depart from Yinchuan at 21:30 and arrive in Jinan at 23:15.
From June 12, China’s Eastern Airlines and China’s Southern Airlines will respectively open a new air route. China’s Eastern Airlines will open daily flights from Yinchuan to Ningbo with a stopover at Xi’an, departing from Yinchuan at 12:35 and arriving in Ningbo at 17:00. China’s Southern Airlines will open daily flights from Yinchuan to Haikou with a stopover at Chongqing, departing from Yinchuan at 14:20 and arriving in Haikou at 17:00.

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