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Jiaozuo in brief Located in the middle and lower reaches of Yellow River in northwest Henan Province, Jiaozuo is a burgeoning tourist city with blatant subtle location advantage. Facing Zhengzhou and Luoyang in the south crossing Yellow River and seated on the joint of north and south China, Jiaozuo is only 90 km to provincial capital Zhengzhou and takes over 2 county-level cities, 4 counties and a development zone. Enjoying exceptional advantages with rich natural resources, it is a rare abundant-water-area in north China with 23 large rivers, 2 large-scale men made ditches and many reservoirs, and boasts over 40 types of mineral reserves. Furthermore, its 8000-year-long history offers a profound culture with fascinating legends, rich human landscapes and a great variety of historical and cultural sites. History of Jiaozuo-the heartland of the birthplace of Chinese nation and an epitome of Chinese brilliant culture Archaeological excavations prove that mankind lived in the area of present Jiaozuo as early as 8000 years ago in the clan commune period and had developed an intensive cultivation tradition of grain crops at the same time. In the Spring and Autumn and Warring St...More information about Jiaozuo »

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