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Hami travel guide

Hami travel guide

Located in the east of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Hami is the door to enter the inland of China. It is an important city on the ancient Silk Road and a renowned production base of Hami melon. There are 21 nationalities in Hami, including Uygur, Han, Hui and Kazak Ethnic Groups. With typical temperate continental dry climate, Hami has different temperature between day and night. There is even an exaggeration that you people wear fur-lined jacket in the morning while silk in the noon and keep warm by having fire in the evening. The sunshine in Hami is plenty, so Hami got the name Sunny Gorge. Fruits grow well in this region because of its climate. And Hami also has rich biological resources. Owing to its long history, rich culture and strong ethnic custom, the human, historical and natural attractions of Hami spread all over Hami. Tianshan Mountain crossing over Hami area, two wildly different zones were thus formed. In the north of the mountain, there are snow mountains and grasslands; while desert landscapes can be appreciated in the south. Eastern Tianshan Scenic Spot is full of Swiss style. Besides, tourism items including Desert Exploring Trav... More information about Hami »

Top Attractions in Hami

Balikun Grassland

Balikun Grassland

Located in Hami district, northeast of Xinjiang, Balikun Grassland is the second largest grassland in Xinjiang which is famous for its major eight sceneries including Snow-covered Pines in Tianshan, Vast Turtle City and Crystal Spring. It is an ideal resort place for visiting with fat and lively flocks and herds, green and lush grasses, and clean air. Pure traditions of Kazak nationality are k...

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White Stone Scenic Spot

White Stone Scenic Spot

White Stone Scenic Spot is located in the north of Kaerlike Snow Mountain (main peak of Tianshan Mountain), 70 kilometers to Hami city. White stone refers to a white huge stone in lying cattle shape between green grassland and thick forest. Hami is dry and hot in summer while it is wet and cool here with charming landscapes. The green grassland, towering pines, great area of flowers and the un...

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