Hami Cuisine

Foods in Hami are various. While visiting this city, travelers can not only enjoy Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, western food and other delicacies, but also delicious dishes of ethnic flavour and the western region flavour in restaurants or food stands, such as mutton braised pancakes, crisp steamed buns, stewed mutton and so forth. Ethnic catering areas within Xi Heba enjoy great popularity. Restaurants in Hui town run by Uighur peasant family can process food brought by visitors. Night markets around the crossing are also popular. Besides, barbecues, meatball soup, mutton soup and fried noodles are all must-eat food in Hami.

Hami Melon (哈密瓜)

The Hami melon is also called cucumis melo. About 1600 years ago, Hami melons were planted in Xinjiang. Up till now, there are around 180 types of the melon, among which crisp Hami melon with red flesh wins the most acclaim. It tastes so sweet and crisp that you cannot miss it if you stay in Hami.

Chinese Date (哈密大枣)

Hami has a history of 2000 years of cultivating dates. In the Qing Dynasty (1616-1912), it was the tribute. Chinese date in Hami can be both eaten raw and cooked. It would be particularly tasty if it is added to porridge or eight-treasure rice pudding (steamed glutinous rice with bean paste, lotus seeds, preserved fruit, etc.). Chinese date in Hami is nutritious, rich in vitamin c and sugar. It is really out of the world!