Mao'er Mountain of Guilin

Mao'er (literally cat) Mountain is the starting point of the Li, Zi and Xun Rivers and is often referred to as the lifeblood of the Li river system. The Yuecheng ridge at 2142 metres above sea-level ranks the first during the five picturesque ridges located on the mountain, known as "the first ridge in South China".

China Travel Guide, Guilin Travel Guide, Guilin Attraction, Mao'ershan of Xing'an

Mao'er Mountain Reserve is a nationally recognized ecological preservation zone located in the northern part of Guilin, two hours from the city of Guilin. This area surrounding Mao'er Mountain is rich in natural beauty and scenic spots including: the Lingqu Imperial Dyke, Merryland Amusement Park, Huajiang Nature Reserve, Octagonal Forest Park, National Danxia Geology Park, Zi River, Wupai River, the Longsheng Hot-spring, Longsheng rice terraces. Mount. Mao'er itself is a deep green sea of vegetation and ancient old-growth forests. It is said the summit which is often shrouded in mist is the home of Buddha, watching over those on the mountain.

China Travel Guide, Guilin Travel Guide, Guilin Attraction, Mao'ershan of Xing'anChina Travel Guide, Guilin Travel Guide, Guilin Attraction, Mao'ershan of Xing'an

The mountain range that includes Mao'er Mountain, Tai Mountain, Lu Mountain, Hua Mountain and E'mei Mountain are home to a diversity of beautiful and unique plant and animal life, in combination with the breathtaking scenery this is a perfect location for relaxing on summer holiday.

Travel information

Location: in the junction of Xing'an County and Ziyuan County, 56 kilometers from Xing'an City, 81 kilometers from Guilin.

Opening times: Open all day (approx. 4 hours to complete visiting the mountain).

Getting there: Buses run from both Guilin and Xing'an to Mao'er Shan (Gao Zhai) at an average length of over 2 hours. Upon reaching Gao Zhai the ascent towards the mountain can be completed by minibus, the total cost is approx. ¥150.

Accommodation: for those wishing to stay the night and watch the sunrise on the following morning, accommodation is available, accommodation at the base of the mountain is plentiful while the summit also has a hotel, prices vary by season.

Dining: the mountain base has multiple small, inexpensive Chinese restaurants while the hotel at the top offers a premium dining experience but at a higher cost, travelers are free to bring their own equipment to prepare their own meals.

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