Merryland World, Guilin

Occupying an area of 6000 acres and being about 63 kilometers away from downtown Guilin, the Merryland World, Guilin in Xing'an County went into operation on December 25, 2000. It is a very popular theme park that gets its renown not only in Guilin and attracts visitors from all over the world everyday. Of its 5 components of Merryland Theme Park, 5-star Holiday Hotel & Wooden Villas, American 18-hole Golf Club, Business Conference and Mandala Garden, the park is the most famous part and is especially popular with the youth with its various interesting and exciting programs.

What to see and enjoy in the theme park?

The park is made up of 6 zones, namely Merry China Town, American Wild West, Dream World, Pirate Village, Europe, and South Pacific. Although the size is smaller, the Merryland provides visitors with various great amenities as the Disneyland does and may not do. One must-see in the park is the cowboy show which tells a story of how the great Chinese national Kung Fu hero Huang Fei Hong beat the bad. Over half of the performers are foreigners and they are so professional in acting that every detail in the show is so well performed. Usually, visitors have two time choices to enjoy the show, in the morning or in the afternoon.

Apart from wonderful shows, visitors can also enjoy all the exciting activities if they are brave and energetic enough - pirates ship, roller coaster, rocket diving rubber rowboat, etc. The equipments inside the park are inspected every year and updated  based on the sales and the popularity among visitors.

Hotel and Deluxe Services in Guilin Merryland

The only hotel inside the Merryland is built on the central island with the mixed architectural style of local ethnic minority and modern decoration, on which deluxe mountain and lake view rooms are available. If you want a  romantic night, you can think about spending the night in the isolated, half-outdoor villas along the island.

What kinds of food in the park?
Linghu Inn Restaurant in Merry China Town --- it offers Chinese especially Guilin dishes and what should not be missed is the Taiwan snacks. Visitors will never how delicious it is before you have a taste!
Hamburg Fast Food in American Wild West --- hamburger, fried chicken wings, chips, cola... almost all of the popular American fast food can be found there!
Forest Food in Dream World --- in there visitors can have meal as well as all kinds of snacks, fruits and drinks.
Port Restaurant in South Pacific --- it was built on the Ling Lake with nice dishes, pastry and snacks. Visitors can enjoy the Polynesian shows at the opposite stage while having meal.
Pizza in Europe --- this shop mainly provides visitors a chance to have a try of the famous Italian pizza.

How to get to the Guilin Merryland?
Take a shuttle bus from Guilin to Xing'an at the Guilin Bus Station or at the square in front of the Guilin Railway Station. It takes about 90 minutes' drive (63 kilometers). If you are interested in Lingqu, which is one of the oldest canals in the world, you can spare some time visiting the canal that is only several kilometers away from the Merryland.

Travel tips
1. There is a very interesting rule for the entrance fee of the Merryland park: on some special days such as summer holiday, girls in mini skirt (about 38 cm) can get the entrance ticket of the park at a discounted price.
2. There are shops selling all kinds of souvenirs in the park, so do not worry about that it is a big problem to "take" the memorable time in the park home with you!

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