Ideal Golf Resort in Guilin-Brief Experience to Guilin Landscape Golf Club

2010-07-23China travel Guide

July 22, 2010 Thursday

I received the notice to investigate the Guilin Landscape Golf Resort during my working in the morning. After a short preparation I started the field trip.

The destination, Guilin Landscape Golf Resort, is located towards the Yaoshan Mountain of Guilin and it takes about 20 minutes to get there from the Jaitianxia Square, where our company is located at. Arriving there, a white statue could be seen from far on the right side of the entrance. The statue is in the shape of a sportsman who is playing golf, behind it there are four large characters in the green grassland - "GLGC", standing for the Guilin Landscape Golf Club. 

The environment of the club is extremely beautiful with singing birds, fragrant flowers, flying bees and simple and elegant main buildings (similar to the tower building of the Merryland of Guilin). Then we began to visit the supporting hotels of the golf club. 

The first we visited was the standard rooms and deluxe rooms of the hotel. Although the hotels of Guilin Landscape Resort do not participate the rating of the starred hotels, the hotel here is regarded in the four-star standard. Hotels in the resort are mainly arranged by on the two-storey building. The design of the bathtub must be most distinctive compared with other hotels. In each room there was at least one dependent bathtub next to the windows, from which you can see beautiful sceneries. It was said that hot springs have been found in the nearby mountains so the resort is planning to use hot spring waters, when the name of the club would be changed into Guilin Landscape Hot Spring Golf Villa.

Beside the ordinary rooms, the villa also possesses featured dependent apartment blocks and luxurious scenic buildings. There are totally 9 dependent apartments in the resort, all built according to traditional Chinese style. If you want to spend your holiday with your friends or family members, the dependent apartment must be a good choice. There are 4 big rooms in each apartment and 4 king-size beds in every room. While the luxurious scenic building is better in both environment and facilities. Opening the curtain, you will see beautiful golfcourse and picturesque landscapes, more quiet than the picturesque West Street of Yangshuo.

Then we visited the golfcourse of the villa. There are 27 holes in the golfcourse of Guilin Landscape Golf Resort, divided into three parts: Mountain Scenic Area (No.1-No.9 hole), Water Scenic Area (No.10-No.18 hole) and Stone Scenic Area (No.19-No.27 hole). These areas were connected by long slopes, winding paths, etc. Sitting on the car, we listened to the introduction of the court and breathed clean air. On both sides of the driveway, prosperous peach trees are planted. We also visited the stables and racecourses of the club.

The landmark of the Guilin Landscape Golf Resort is the lucky Thumb Mountain, which you can see no matter how far you stand inside the club. Thumbing up in China means praise and success, that's why the Thumb Mountain was so loved by the staff of the resort.

Since time was limited, we returned after visiting the facilities of Guilin Landscape Golf Club. Though the investigation only took about 2-3 hours, I was deeply impressed by the service of the staff in the club. No matter where you are from, they will greet you friendly. Most of the guests here are from Mainland China and Taiwan, but there are also many self-drive visitors and bicycle tourists from abroad who take golf equipments here.

At last, I'd like to share with you a general knowledge related to the golf travel. If you take golf equipments to China by plane, you will have an extra weight allowance of 15 kilograms when boarding. So you can consider taking equipments by your own. If you had any chance, welcome to visit our beautiful China!

--- By Robert (Visit Our China)