Yangshuo: a city not matched with "Mr. Hasty"-My Impression of Yangshuo

2009-11-10Life in Guilin

I went to Yangshuo last weekend and I want to share some of my experiences with you.

The first impression of Yangshuo

Arriving in Yangshuo, you may have the first impression that the general style of the whole town is: a classical Chinese town lying in embrace of the mountains. Surrounding the town, there are immense mountains and trees. All the buildings of the town are neatly located with a delicate and classical Chinese building style. Even the lamps are carefully designed to match the style of the whole town. Hotels, restaurants and antique shops are everywhere.


Getting off the bus, the first thing is searching for a suitable hotel, next to the West Street and the bus station but not too noisy. I searched for the Double Moon Bridge Guesthouse in Xianqian Road as my plan, and then rent a bicycle.


 Wandering along the Ten Miles Gallery

After a short rest and a simple lunch, my trip of the "Ten Miles Gallery" of Yangshuo began from about 15:00 o'clock. Ten Miles Gallery is not a real "gallery" with artistic works. Instead, it is a route made up of various mountains and rivers. If it is the first time that you go to Yangshuo, do not worry you may get lost in the gallery. Just follow the groups of bicycle-riders and enjoy yourself. Take your time and let the maps and time alone.
Riding a bike leisurely, breathing the fresh air and appreciating the beautiful scenery, you may feel traveling in a pictorial world. Fields and mountains are everywhere, becoming one with the town. Sometimes, you may have to stop to enjoy some really wonderful landscapes. There are many attractions around the gallery, and many stalls around the attractions. 
Wandering in the Ten Miles Gallery, the only thing in your mind is happiness. And you may even have the impulse to be a local people of Yangshuo. Finally, I arrived at the Moon Hill, a hill with a moon-shaped cave on the top. Riding in the special street to enjoy this hill, I can see the moon changing from a half-moon to a crescent. Time went quickly and it became dark generally. It was about 18:30 o'clock when I returned to the guesthouse. 


Impression Sanjie Liu

After a grilled fish dinner, I returned to the guesthouse and waited for the special bus to pick us. The realistic performance-Impression Sanjie Liu or Impression Sister Liu is held in the Lijiang Mountain-Water Theatre and more than 600 folk actors are involved. The whole story is about the life of the fishermen by the Lijiang River and the love story of Sanjie Liu and her beloved A'niu Ge. By the river of Lijiang, there was a group of fishermen living happily and boys and girls showed their love to their beloved by antiphonal singing. Sanjie Liu and A'niu Ge was a pair of them. All's well that ends well. After the process of admiring and pursuing, they finally got married and lived happily together, just as the ordinary Zhuang people. During the performance, you must be attracted by the beautiful singing and pleasing life of Zhuang people. The whole performance lasted for about 70 minutes with thousands of audiences every day. 


Night Market in the West Street

At the night of Yangshuo, the West Street is most amazing. The whole street is bustling with light and people. Music from the bars and pubs fly into the street and crowds of people are gathered in various kinds of stalls and antique shops. The charming little trifles act as the main character at the night of the West Street. Self-portrait, bracelets, pendants, letter widths, national clothes and trifles are widely sold. You can find many treasures if you search carefully. 


Yangshuo-a town full of originality

Roaming in the Yangshuo Town, I found many interesting dingus which shows that Yangshuo is not just a traditional town, but also a town full of originality. So your journey in Yangshuo can not be a boring one. Instead, it is a town worth your exploring. The following are my discoveries, hope you like them. 

Can you see the words in the  board? In English, this sentence means: Jia Junpeng, your mother shouts your go home eating. This sentence is a popular funny Chinese cyberspeak to tell the cyber worms not to be addicted to the internet and to go home for dinner on time. Appearing on the board of Riverside Coffee near the Yulong River on the way of the Ten Miles Gallery, it makes the coffee house quite special.

The restaurant in the left is called "Meiyou Cafe". In Chinese, "Meiyou" means "none", which makes people wonder why it is called so. Is there no food at all? Of course not. "Meiyou" in this cafe means that there is no hot beer, no bad service, no cheating... The name of it can be traced to the 1980th when tourism in Yangshuo began to develop. Many foreign visitors found many troubles here: there was no good hotels, no delicious food, no good service, even no toilet in some guesthouses... The boss then had the inspiration of "Meiyou Cafe". But the "Meiyou" of this cafe was given a different explanation. 

In the right picture, there is a stall sells Sweet Soup with Osmanthus Flower and lotus-nuts. This stall claims that it is the stall which is set up the earliest and no one could contend with it. 

Yangshuo is a livable town where no body is in hurry. People here dine together, walk, ride or even are in a daze alone. But there must be smile on their face, satisfied and happy. Riding, Ten Miles Gallery and night market of the West Street are 3 musts during your visiting Yangshuo. Everyone can find the thing you are interested in. Still have no plan for the weekend, just take up your backpack and begin your exploration to Yangshuo!                                                                                                                                                                  

---By Haphine (Visit Our China)



I am planning to visit Yangshuo recently and I can't wait![F]Faint[/F]