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Yiwu travel guide

Yiwu travel guide

Yiwu is located in the center of Zhejiang Province, it has become a key logistical hub within the province connecting the province to Guangdong, Fujiang, the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai. Yiwu has become famous as being the biggest and most successful commercial hub in China, and has been officially recognized by the United Nations as the world's most successful commercially oriented city. It is known as a city of culture and as being a shopping paradise of small wares. More information about Yiwu »

Top Attractions in Yiwu

Hengdian World Studios

Hengdian World Studios

The most famous film and TV shooting base in China and the largest one in Asia, Hengdian World Studios is dubbed as Chinese Hollywood by American magazine Hollywood, and has been transformed into less of a pure production base and more of a tourist attraction and amusement park in recent years.

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Luo Binwang Park

Luo Binwang Park

Built to commemorate Luo Binwang, one of the most outstanding poets of Tang Dynasty who was born in Yiwu and acclaimed as Wonder Boy because of his unusual intelligence in studying and poetizing, Luo Binwang Park is a historic and cultural park-the place is said where Luo frequently visited as a child.

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