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Suzhou, a charming city located in southern Jiangsu Province, eastern China, is a worldwide famous stop-off point on a China tour. Lying in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta, the city enjoys a tremendous fame and dynamism due to its location within the Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou scenic triangle of water cities. Also called the Old Town Suzhou or the Oriental Venice, Suzhou is praised for its numerous ponds, streams and other little rivers ranked as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997. Considered as a jewel on Marco Polo's journey to Asia during the late 13th century, today's Suzhou has changed a lot compared to ancient times but hopefully some traditional whitewashed houses, tree-lined canals and sumptuous gardens still remain for the pleasure of tourists having the...

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2 Days Suzhou's Exquisite Gardens Tour

Experience in the "Heaven on Earth" Suzhou is China's well-known "city of gardens", you may feel the charm of mountains,forest and springs without going out of the noisy surroundings of the town.

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