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Warmly welcome to China with us! We are very glad to provide you with some practical information for you to get some general ideas of China before you come to visit China. The following are some basic information for your China trip, we hope it would be useful and you will enjoy your stay in China. If the information what you need is not covered below, please feel free to contact us:, phone at +86-773-5833156, or fax at +86-773-5817771


Transportations in China FAQ's

  • 1.What types of vehicles will we be using while on our China tour?

    Comfortable tourist vehicles with air-conditioner are selected to serve tourists in China. Generally, we will arrange vehicles according to the number of a tour group and also ensure enough space for tourists to place their luggage in the vehicles.

  • 2.Are trains air-conditioned in China?

    Generally, trains named with T (the fastest train), K (fast train), N (starting destination, termination and routes are under the control of one railway bureau) and Z (non-stop train) are all air-conditioned.

  • 3.Can I have a private compartment on the trains I take in China?

    Generally speaking, there are 4 beds in one soft sleeper compartment and only a few trains departing from Beijing have compartments for two. So you have to buy four tickets for two people if you prefer a private compartment.

  • 4.Is food/drink available on trains in China?

    Normally, a food/drink barrow will go on patrol on the train, selling fruits, snacks, drinks, and Chinese fast-food.

  • 5.Are all of the trains in China equipped with berths?

    In general, long-distance trains have berths more than short-distance ones do.

  • 6.Can I smoke in buses/trains/public areas in China?

    At recent years, the Chinese government is drafting to ban smoking in all public areas. So please notice before smoking in public occasions in China.

  • 7.How about the traffic in China? Do traffic jams often happen in China?

    Traffic condition is diverse in different cities in China. Commonly, traffic jams happen more frequently at rush hours and holidays in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. But we know how to avoid the rush hours, so please don’t worry about it.

Quick Questions

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