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Warmly welcome to China with us! We are very glad to provide you with some practical information for you to get some general ideas of China before you come to visit China. The following are some basic information for your China trip, we hope it would be useful and you will enjoy your stay in China. If the information what you need is not covered below, please feel free to contact us:, phone at +86-773-5833156, or fax at +86-773-5817771


Tour booking FAQ's

  • 1.Do the prices of your China tours include airfare?

    Our prices only include airfare of China domestic flights (the final prices will be subject to the listed flights in the quotation), so please arrange your international flights beforehand. Generally speaking, the earlier the passengers buy their international flight tickets, the better discount they could get from airlines.

  • 2.When is peak season and low season respectively in China?

    In China, seasons for tourism are divided as below.
    - Peak season: April 1 to May 31, August 1 to November 30;
    - Shoulder season: June 1 to July 31;
    - Low season: December 1 to March 31.

  • 3.What is the difference between tourist peak season and low season in China?

    Generally speaking, the weather is more pleasant during the peak season, which is more convenient for tourists to enjoy their sightseeing, but cost for traveling during this season will be higher. Oppositely, it is usually cold or rainy during low season and many people take no account of touring, but there are still many people considering visiting China during this season because of less crowed attractions, lower tour prices and some special sights such as "Yellow Mountain in snow" during cold seasons.

  • 4.How far in advance should I make my China tour reservation?

    It is suggested to book your China tour as early as possible so that everything could be confirmed and arranged in advance for you. Especially in tourist peak season (April 1 to May 31, August 1 to November 30), it is more difficult to guarantee rooms and flights.

  • 5.Do you accept late reservations?

    Yes. We accept late reservations, but we cannot guarantee that we can book everything you request. If some reservations are not available, we may make some changes, for example, book another similar hotel at the same rate or adjust the sailing date of Yangtze cruise. To avoid such inconvenience, it is highly recommended to confirm your tour as early as possible.

  • 6.What proof will I get from you after I send the deposit/payment for my China tour?

    Once received deposit from you, we will book everything for you and send a formal Confirmation Letter to you to confirm each item, and the Financial Department of our company will also provide you with a voucher or invoice by e-mail.

  • 7.Can I pay for my China tour by credit card?

    We accept credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. You can also pay for your China tour by Wire Transfer, PayPal or Western Union.

  • 8.Can I pay for my China tour through telephone instead of fax?

    It is a pity that we can not take orders for our customers by the telephone because we have to relay a formal Credit Card Authorization Form with customers’ signature to the Bank of China. You can scan the payment form and send it to us by e-mail, or fax it directly. Please attach a copy of both sides of your credit card, otherwise, we will have no right to charge money from your card.

    If you do not have a fax machine or a scan machine, you can also photograph both sides of your credit card with a digital camera and then email the both sides to us with your signature.

  • 9.Why is the money you charged from my card more than the amount you quoted for me?

    Two reasons as below may explain it:
    a. The exchange rate between Chinese RMB and US Dollar may fluctuate. The final amount of your tour cost will be subject to the final exchange rate released by Bank of China.
    b. The issuing bank of your credit card may probably charge you a 3% processing fee for foreign currency exchange.

  • 10.Can I customize a China tour?

    Yes. We provide customers with different types of scheduled China tours as well as tailor-made China tours. Our experienced China travel advisors will customize China tours for you as soon as we receive your requests, and we would also introduce wonderful China highlights to you for reference.

  • 11.How many people will be in my group?

    It depends on your preference. We will arrange a private China tour for you if you prefer a private tour; but if you want to enjoy the trip with other tourists, we will arrange a group China tour for you, which can also save your tour cost.

  • 12.Do children pay the same fare as adults?

    According to the regulations of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), children who are 12 and over 12 years old should be charged as adults. Those who are less than 12 years old should be charged less in services and China domestic airfare than adults. For infants less than 2 years old will be free of charge, except for the airfare, which is 10% of the adult's fare. But please NOTICE that children are 10 and over 10 years old are charged as adult in some cities such as Beijing.

  • 13.How will I know if my reservation was accepted?

    Once everything is confirmed, we will send a formal Confirmation Letter to you to confirm.

  • 14.When will the deposit be charged to my credit card?

    If you have satisfied with the itinerary and quotation we customized for you, please state in an email to confirm with us that you accept them. Then we will send you a "Credit Card Authorization Form" or account of "Wire Transfer" or "PayPal link" and "Western Union" for your initial deposit payment. But for some late reservations, we will not charge deposit from you until we can confirm the reservation for you.

  • 15.When will I need to make final payment?

    You should make the final payment 15 days prior to the departure date and you don’t need to fill in another Credit Card Authorization Form again. The balance and the date of the final payment have been authorized by you in the original form and we will not charge it before the appointed date.

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