China Clothing Suggestions

China is a very large country which contains many climate zones, from cold temperate to tropical, so it is very important to bring the proper clothing to meet your need as you travel across China on your China tour. The Northern provinces can be extremely cold and will always be colder than the south of China, which generally is quite warm. You will need to prepare your clothing based on what time of year you will be visiting China, and what areas you will be spending time in. When traveling in the fall and spring, it is important to bring heavy and thin clothing, because it will be cold in the north and on top of any mountains you might visit, yet still quite warm in the Southern provinces. Many of China’s mountains are much colder than the land beneath them, so if you are planning to visit one of China’s mountains, you should take this into consideration.

Proper shoes are a very important consideration when traveling in China. Any China tour contains a great deal of walking and in some cases climbing. Many areas, such as mountains, and villages might have fairly primitive paths, so it is important to bring shoes that are very comfortable and will allow you to walk all day in them. If you wish to bring dress shoes for evenings, that is fine, but please remember comfortable shoes for the day.

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