Folk Events Mark Dragon Boat Festival

created: 2012-06-15

China Daily, June 13, 2012
Jiaxing in Zhejiang province and Zigui in Hubei province will hold grand folk cultural festivals to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival on June 23. The important Chinese folk festival is dedicated to the ancient patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who lived over 2,300 years ago.
It's the third time for the waterside city of Jiaxing to hold such an event. In addition to a series of original folk custom shows, three special folk culture-oriented tourist lines and a cultural forum between Jiaxing and its friendship cities around the globe will be highlighted.
In Zigui, the poet's hometown, various folk activities, such as memorial sacrifices, exhibitions and shows related to the festival will be staged. The dragon boat-racing tournament will mark the zenith.
The  festivals will last from June 21-24 in Jiaxing and from June 10-25 in Zigui. Both events are sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and respective provincial governments.

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