Jianshui Attraction

Read the following introductions for attractions in Jianshui. You will know the top attractions there and you can also get to know the city attractions by category.

Historical Relics

Zhu Family Garden

Constructed in Jianshui Old Town, Zhu Family Garden is famous as one of the most elaborate and grandest residential gardens in the south of Yunnan. Built in Qing Dynasty by Zhu brothers whose family was influential in the locality, the garden was completed for 30 years and was orderly designed to include 42 courtyards.

Temples, Monasteries and Mosques

Jian Shui Confucian Temple

Located in the western part of the county, JianShui ConfucianTemple was constructed in Yuan Dynasty with a 710-year-history, and was expanded by imitating the one in Qufu City during Ming and Qing dynasties. It is well-known in Yunnan for its interesting design and the attention to detail.