Zhu Family Garden

Constructed on Jianxin Street of Old Down of Jian Shui, the Zhu Family Garden has become famous for being one of the most elaborate and grand residential gardens in the south of Yunnan Province. Built during Qing Dynasty by the Zhu brothers whose family was influential in the locality, the garden measuring 20,000 square meters took 30 years to complete and was orderly designed to include 42 courtyards. In ancient times accessing this amazing garden in this residential plot was forbidden but today tourists are free to enjoy its splendor. The whole garden is perfectly symmetrical and has been described by many as a "maze", tourists heading in alone can begin to feel lost and trapped if they venture in too far.

Today the Zhu Family Garden not only offers accommodation for travelling tourists but also includes a market and lots of live entertainment. The Plum Hall Room, Blue Courtyard Room, Bamboo Garden Room, Chrysanthemum Garden Room and the other 24 guest rooms are particularly opened for tourists to experience the life there. The furniture inside the rooms, including beds, stools, chairs, desks and lanterns are all made of camwood decorated with exquisite sculpture, which well present the daily life in Qing Dynasty; and the female guides who work in the garden all dress in authentic Qing Clothing and act with Qing etiquette, giving visitors the feeling that they have travelled back hundreds of years in time. All of these make it a real hit with both domestic and international tourists.

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